Sicilian Analysis | Beginner To Master | Chess Speedrun | Grandmaster Naroditsky

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Part 1:


  1. 0:20 Never go in against a Sicilian when death is on the line

  2. I like how danya at times forgets he's playing and talks about Chess history

  3. I too think adults should play capture the flag more. another gem of social observation from danya

  4. Needing some 1. d4 content 🙁 Otherwise amazing videos!

  5. Would love to be able to play at this level. The higher the standard, the more spectacular the game becomes.

  6. really thought this 2000 guy had it and would win

  7. Could you play queen’s gambit next?

  8. you edited out the actual game being played live

  9. I was playing better when i didn't know any tricks and openings 😂😂

  10. This game is awesome! A lot of complications, an 'intuitive' (without forced variation leading to the mate) sacrifice of a piece and several situations with a single defensive move that should be found when you are low on time. Thank both of you for creating this piece of art!

  11. I want to start by saying that I really enjoy your videos. Your teaching style is easy to follow and engaging, and I typically take a lot away from them.

    That said, this video was chaotic and difficult to follow. Constantly exploring these other lines mid-game, I lost track of the game you were actually playing. I think it would be better to return to the "play now, explore later" style you have used in most of your other videos.

  12. Hi Daniel. Can you play more Ruy Lopez?

  13. You know it has been a good game, when you appreciate the skills of your opponent more than winning / losing. Anyone who has ever fallen in love with a game or a sport, knows that it's not always about the result.

  14. You are 'brave', mistakes are beautiful, especially in your case, this is what makes it all the more ENJOYABLE to watch/LISTEN to. Thank you for your humanity and humbleness. Fk software!

  15. How you can dislike this video he generously teaching chess

  16. This is the first game of the Speedrun I’ve seen where a non cheater had a chance to actually win the game. Nf6! would’ve been fun had Brad seen it. Even a strong GM can be tripped up by an attack.

  17. Your commitment to explain is commendable. I watch one everyday on YouTube.
    Can you add a donation link, perhaps Zelle/ PayPal? To description/

  18. this serie will be in netflix oneday, i believe

  19. Daniel is like the best chess teacher😍 Thank you Danny and please keep on teaching us😇

  20. 12:13 You can sac the knight on b5 in order to free the queen right?

  21. I notice how this gentleman is always referred to…. he or Brad.


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  23. I got to about 29 minutes before I noticed a moment where I guess thanking subs and donos was edited out, and I’d like to say I much appreciate the effort that must have gone into doing it all the way through, it much improves the fluidity of the video and the ease with which you can follow along with the explanation, thank you.

  24. Where are these classes?
    Does he do these on Twitch?

  25. Thanks to you my interest in chess returned! My lack of theoretical knowledge and poor understanding of chess principles always ended up me being owned by my opponents. Although I’m still getting owned most of the times, I at least try to practice advices you give in your great videos and they do work or at least I see the point of doing certain moves instead of others. Do not stop cause it’s great content!

    What I would love to ask though is some advices on how to play against 1. d4 (Queen pawn game principles). As a 800-900 player I’m mostly familiar and comfortable playing against 1. e4. But when it comes to responding to d4 my confidence evaporates with every move.

    Thanks once again and good luck with the great work you’re doing!

  26. The thing I like about Daniel is that he does rapid games and not blitz games I would often see people make so many blunders because of blitz and doesn’t help my learning cuz the small little tricks in blitz don’t work in 15/10 or 30min rapid and even longer time controls as your opponent actually has time to think whenever I watch beginner chess tutorials and fundamentals because of blitz the 800 player looks like 600 player I’d say to myself if I was playing that person he would not have made that move in rapid or a longer time control the 800 player actually plays like an 800 player or a little lower in a blitz game they play way worse it’s the reason I hate blitz and it’s not even good for improving at chess classical and rapid are where it’s at where you can play to the best of your ability no excuses

  27. 19:20 This knight's got matches even before he made a Tinder account! 😀

  28. 12:12 Nb5 untrape the queen. 2 pawn for the knight black is better still.

  29. It says 1700 elo but then we're sitting here leearning what pins and xrays are for 5mins straight


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  31. JW Baird vs Emanuel Lasker, 1892, match series, NY, round 3. Observe Emanuel Lasker was playing a Sicilian Dragon.

  32. You are an amazing guy. Thanks for creating a YouTube account. Explaining every move is not an easy task. Respect++++++++

  33. 12:13 if im not missing something you could sack the horse and escape the queen

  34. I mean this man should get some prize or something thank you danya

  35. Yup, this is the way to teach man…. awesome video…. helps a lot…. thank you for the free content

  36. "this knight got matches even before it made its Tinder account" lmao now that's a sexy knight

  37. 12:13 can’t he just go Nb5 to block the rook, lose the knight and move the Queen away?

  38. Keep up the good work!
    Best instructional chess video I've seen so far, like for real
    Your way of explaining things is really clear and makes it easier to understand 👍

  39. "This knight got matches even before it made a tinder account" 😀

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