Sicilian Analysis | Beginner To Master | Chess Speedrun | Grandmaster Naroditsky

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Part 1:


  1. another great game what's changed

  2. Adults should play capture the flag more. I just turned 30 and hearing Danya say that reminded me that I used to absolutely love that game as a kid. Now I want to play.

  3. Anyone want to play some chess sometime. I'm intermediate trying to get better, playing with someone similar could help me out. Drop your discord if so.

  4. Can you play the accelerated dragon Sicilian next time if your opponent plays the open Sicilian?

  5. No live chess this time? I hope the next one does

  6. Hey Daniel, do you mind add a counter at screen? people can ask question with move number and that will be much more easier to find that move.

  7. When he explains it slowly, he makes it seem so easy…

  8. What would happen if white placed the rook on f3 around 13 minutes in the first game instead? It doesn't seem that bad but I may be missing something.

  9. lmao I put the position at 26:40 into an engine and it said black was +40 if he took the pawn but then I realized i forgot to flip the board when I set it up and the best move was for black to move his pawn backwards and promote.

  10. It looks easy when Danya does it but you don't really get how strong somebody is until you play them. I played this one guy whose Daily is top 6 in the world, and I've beaten 2000s a few times, but this guy demolished me 9 games in a row, I had no hope.

  11. What did Daniel mess up in the first game to allow that potential knight check to occur and at best be down an exchange?

  12. Hey Daniel, your teaching style is awesome man. you share every idea you have and explain the rational behind it while using fun language. thanks for the content!

  13. Really fantastic. Iā€™m learning so much from your content

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