SmithyQ Chess Analysis #1: When to Trade a Piece for Several Pawns

An analysis of an online correspondence game played by a blog reader. His opponent, Mr_Penings, is a National Master with a bullet rating of 2600. This should have been a mismatch, but the game became very interesting.

In this video, I analyze when is it good to trade a piece for two or three pawns, and I offer tips for improvement.

This is my first video, so tell me if you liked it, hated it, felt lukewarm about it. Any feedback, positive or negative, will help me improve my next one.

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  1. I enjoy your videos Smithy you are enjoyable to listen to and your Chessable course is great. Keep up the solid work, thank you

  2. Great video. I've been very interested in learning more about playing for piece activity , as that's a hallmark of great players. Thanks for the video!

  3. I would recommend the new book of Cyrus Lakdawala, "Chess for Hawks". He writes about when to be a "hawk" (tactical, sacrifice-prone aggressive player, like Tal) and when to be a "dove" (positional, quiet player, like Petrosian).

  4. Great video as always! I have a suggestion for you which is to make a video on queenside castling, since most times catling is on the kingside. It would be interesting if you analysed queenside castling and the situations where a player will castle queenside instead of kingside

  5. Thanks for the chessable course and these simple but crucial videos

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