SmithyQ Chess Analysis #13: How I Analyze My Games

When it comes to chess improvement, I don’t think there is anything better than analysis of your own games. In this video, I will show a practical example with a game of my own, sharing not just the moves but the general goal and the thought process behind the moves.

I hope you found it useful.

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  1. Great video! It was a good game analysis! You said that in this video you were going to show how you analysed your games, but in the video, you mostly analysed it and explained the different analysis steps as you did them which I think you should do for all of your videos. It makes them better! I noticed a few things in your analysis that were different from what I was thinking in the game as it was me playing this game. A around the 15:20 point in the video when I played b3, I actually was not thinking of the Bb2 strategy. I was actually doing much like you were when you played h6. I did not know what else to do! Yes, I knew this was giving my bishop retreating squares, but I did not think of what I could do with the c-pawn. This was much like the first game we played when I gave up a pawn for nothing just because I wanted to trade our rooks by bringing my rook to D8. Also, in around the 21:20 mark in your video, I saw the potential attack I had and I find it interesting that good positions can come out of nothing! There is so much we miss in a chess game, isn't there? Finally, I have a recommendation for a future video you should make. I think it would be great if you played a player even better than you and did an analysis of that as a youtube video as I think that most, if not all of your analysis videos have been on games vs opponents who are lower rated than you. But great video over all! Thanks for sharing!

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