Stockfish Analyzes The 1st World Champion’s Immortal

Computer Engine Stockfish explains a game between the first official world champion, Wilhelm Steinitz, and Curt von Bardeleben. The game took place on August 17, 1895, in the prestigious Hastings tournament in England and has one of the most well-known endings in chess history!

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  1. 8m 5m 2m… I need more of these videos and faster than three months at a time. Sad. May is around the corner though.

  2. Hey Guys , do you know what text-to-speech bot is used ?

  3. Yes, we humans may suck, but u r not a GM, bozo

  4. After analysing i think chess is just a fixed game at last you can't beat a engine at max. Potential

  5. Stockfish: "If I ever lost to a human I would get up and leave too, even though I have no legs" Me who got a 3.6 advantage against stockfish and just now realized that I need to finish that game

  6. But who actually we are sure that the engine increase the power and no decrease?

    OK by wining more previous versions but this is not mean that is even stronger against the other engines

  7. 0:170:23 Oh, stop it Fishy. More sass from you, and I'm giving AlphaZero your address 🙂

  8. Ok
    But black and white prices not clear, change theme, , , ,

  9. Stockfish getting pissed about the time he lost against Alpha Zero is brilliant 😂

  10. Why is it all things AI have distain for us humans?

  11. An Austrian – American VS German playing an Italian game in an English Tournament. Chess indeed is an international game😊.

  12. Kasparov v Deeper Blue ( Stockfish's Father ).

  13. That pawn clearance sacrifice to get the Knight in was exactly what I was looking at then the robot says it was brilliant by human standards and he seen it in a second. Haha I love sacrificing pawns tho to get my peices to better squares so maybe I just got lucky with spotting that move lol great video though keep em coming

  14. hey stockfisch why dont you try to comment like that on your games with AlphaZero

  15. It should analyse Kramnik vs Peter Leko .
    It has a certain move order that engine's cant see!

  16. This is obviously human speaking. Very pathetic. AI is just an advanced calculator and will never be more than that. Its hard to believe how much people believe this bullshit. What a fcking idiocracy.

  17. Oh yeah stockfish? Well can you create an ai bot to beat you like humans did?

  18. I think Stockfish tells too much jokes, for his humor I would give him an elo rating of 400.

  19. In the words of Stockfish "Don't worry, be happy" and "Oh well look on the bright side. At least you can still dream you will beat me".

  20. Pls make video about evergreen game

  21. I'm addicted to these Stockfish videos. Keep them coming, engine friend

  22. first time seeing the yellow color on stockfish

  23. Dark gray versus light gray pieces on a dark and light gray board that is got to be the most ugly hard to see combo

  24. Yes it’s pretty good, the sassy stockfish this is a good idea

  25. That magnet joke is fucking hilarious that is genuinely comedy gold

  26. if Rook c8 took the rook in c1 he could have won

  27. Stockfish is like the sarcastic version of Sierra's Power Chess Queen.

  28. I think Stockfish forgets who created him, us dumb humans…. Don't think we couldn't shut you up if we wanted to 🤣

  29. stockfish fears magnets, eh?

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