Stockfish Chess Engine Explains Most Famous Chess Game

Computer chess engine Stockfish explains the famous Opera Game: Paul Morphy vs Duke Karl /Count Isouard!

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  1. Is that an actual robot?

    Bc I'm pretty sure robots don't blink

  2. I can find any mate in 2 in .0000000001 seconds lmao!

  3. stockfish may be a machine but she is for sure narcisistic as a human

  4. Imagine stockfish 20 roasting stockfish 19 😆

  5. Who says that stockfish is unbeatable alpha zero beat him very brutally

  6. This is a kind of British accent or something like that? lol

  7. Human made stock fish not this fucking robot made us

  8. Who is behind the Stockfish voice and editing?

  9. Is stockfish now technically a chess vtuber?

  10. Yet another timely reality check for us poor humans.

  11. Dumb question. Is the AI actually making the jokes?

  12. Stockkfish cam you analyse how you have games to alpha Zero in Evans Gambit

  13. Humans to stockfish: Go & play with alpha zero.

  14. I love how Stockfish can become so sassy like this.

  15. genuine people personalities have come a long way since marvin. or not.

  16. The Two organic brains joke had me 😂😂

  17. Hello stock fish would you like to explain 50 memorable games played by boby fishers?
    If you explain i would be thankful to

  18. I need this commentary in the world chess championship

  19. 1:26 what was that about the knight blocking not being the correct way?

  20. I want to see Stockfish analyze a game from Mikhail Tal. I can imagine how funny that must be.

  21. I need more of Stockfish being very surprised to see the best move.

  22. All hail our Chess overlord! Not only is it good at chess, it has some of the best commentary I could ever hear over a game 😂

  23. Stockfish plz tale us eassy 😭😭🤧
    We are not ur level ok

  24. The "stockfish" on this channel is so disturbing. Who wrote what he's saying ?

  25. If SF ever gets tired of chess, he can become a stand up comedian.

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