Stockfish Chess Engine Explains Most Famous Chess Game

Computer chess engine Stockfish explains the famous Opera Game: Paul Morphy vs Duke Karl /Count Isouard!

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  1. Anderssen o Morphy en su mejor epoca podrian vencer a Stockfish. Analizando se muestra superior pero en partido analizando estos juegos, la barra de valoracion oscila demasiado

  2. Get rid of robot talking and make it a fish speak

  3. How this type of videos are created means how that robot can talk ???

  4. Let’s stockfish analyze G.Kasparov vs Deep blue

  5. GOAT Stockfish, he beat Leela with +12 in TCEC 21
    He also won TCEC 18-19-20

  6. This has Danny rensch written all over it lol

  7. had a good laugh, thanks. Recommend putting some robotic "+0.25, noob" thrown in there

  8. I always hated these fake robot personalities

  9. This format has potential but you need to find someone less corny to write the script.

  10. Ok we now need to get alpha 0 in to shut this insufferable bot up

  11. These bots are really getting so so smart now and with lots of humor.

  12. Stockfish you committed an inaccuracy when you stated how fast you can find a mate in two. It depends partly on the position and partly on the computer you are running on.

  13. The only thing that would make this better is if we can get a troll LLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL from the Fish

  14. Oh my god I wasn't expecting this roasting😂🤣 Btw mr stocky looks handsome. Hahaha LOL

  15. I have a feeling this is Danny Rensch.

  16. he should comentate the canditates and make carlsen cry.

  17. Sickof seeing Just Some Guy Without a Mustache says:

    Don't let this distract you from the fact that Morphy needs 12 minutes to calculate a depth of 31.

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