Stockfish Just Solved Chess

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  1. GM = Grand Master (humans)
    GM = God Mode (stockfish)

  2. Im doing great!!! Why don't you help the newest chess engine be created that can beat stockfish 15

  3. Now Stockfish is 4023 Elo that is what his channel says

  4. Best chess ai is AlphaZero who even defeated stockfish15.1

  5. I'm a simple man. I see cute dog, I hit like button

  6. I just realized that levy is married ☠☠

  7. stockfish should learn the intercontinental ballistic missile gambit

  8. damn didnt expect levy to roast russell westbrook in this video

  9. Stockfish should be given permanent grandmaster title

  10. Guys what if it was called stalkfish and not stockfish like a Celery that would be funny I think

  11. What sicko gets mad about a dog “interrupting a video” it’s literally additional amazing content

  12. I absolutely love how there is an eval bar when stockfish is playing

  13. Interaction with the dog and analyzing it was the highlight of the video for me

  14. I Find it so disrespectful to the entire audience that there is not a mandatory dog petting I every video

  15. pawn to f5 played because stockfish wanted Black king in 5th file

  16. Gotham pls leave the dog alone we don t care we love the dog coming in. Some times so we really don t care it is beautiful 😂

  17. G7 pawn:
    He's just standing there ! Menacingly !

  18. Why are so many A.I. smarter than humans even though we created them? edit: ps the dog looks like an oreo

  19. I JUST BEAT STOCKFISH!!!🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉

  20. cute doggo. distracting doggo, but its just a doggo

  21. that dog looks like chess. I just does.

  22. 21:07
    Yes Levy, I'm happy to see this… it was indeed an incredible game… I personally like your videos since this one game I watched from you, and you said, "if you made it this far watching, thank you"

  23. Levy, Thank your
    With the help of your videos I went from 100 to 1300 on the matter of 5 months

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