Tal blitzgame ((Chess analysis I(G)M-games #05) Tal vs Petrosian)

A Tal blitzgame with nice sacrifices and some possibiliteis for you to find Tactics


  1. oh yeah, of course…playing too much blitz myself…not thinking…haha

  2. I just had the chance to check out the video. I came across this game when I was looking for French Variation for White. I was astounded when I saw 19. Ne5 the move to be honest, didn't know Black has a defense to the move though. Good thing it was blitz, otherwise Petrosian might have found the correct reply.

    And one more thing, what's your take on centralizing the Queen before finishing development? I find it quite scary since the Queen can be harassed throughout the game.

    Nice video 😀

  3. It depends. Normally I don't like it. Lets say after 1.e4 d5 2.exd5 Qxd5 White will win tempi by chasing the black Queen. There are many situation though in which an early centralized Queen can be an advantage especially when it can't be attacked easily

  4. @Parouty
    after 1…Qf1+ White does not play 2.Rxf1? (which allows 2…Rxd4) but 2.Kxf1. Now black can not recapture the white Queen because off mate by the white rook on c8.

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