“The Applause” | Fischer vs Spassky | (1972) | Game 6

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Robert James Fischer vs Boris Spassky
“Best by Protest” (game of the day Feb-20-2007)
Fischer – Spassky World Championship Match (1972), Reykjavik ISL, rd 6, Jul-23
Queen’s Gambit Declined: Tartakower Defense. Exchange Variation (D59)

1. c4 e6 2. Nf3 d5 3. d4 Nf6 4. Nc3 Be7 5. Bg5 O-O 6. e3 h6 7. Bh4 b6 8. cd5 Nd5 9. Be7 Qe7 10. Nd5 ed5 11. Rc1 Be6 12. Qa4 c5 13. Qa3 Rc8 14. Bb5 a6 15. dc5 bc5 16. O-O Ra7 17. Be2 Nd7 18. Nd4 Qf8 19. Ne6 fe6 20. e4 d4 21. f4 Qe7 22. e5 Rb8 23. Bc4 Kh8 24. Qh3 Nf8 25. b3 a5 26. f5 ef5 27. Rf5 Nh7 28. Rcf1 Qd8 29. Qg3 Re7 30. h4 Rbb7 31. e6 Rbc7 32. Qe5 Qe8 33. a4 Qd8 34. R1f2 Qe8 35. R2f3 Qd8 36. Bd3 Qe8 37. Qe4 Nf6 38. Rf6 gf6 39. Rf6 Kg8 40. Bc4 Kh8 41. Qf4

The name Bobby Fischer, at least to Americans, is synonymous with chess. A prodigy in the 50s, a world class player in the 60s, the 70s saw Fischer at his pinnacle. He earned the right to challenge Boris Spassky in a title run without comparison, defeating Mark Taimanov and Bent Larsen with perfect scores of 6-0, and ex-champion Petrosian 6½-2½. Now the stage was set, and the only thing standing between Fischer and Spassky was Fischer himself.

The match was mired in political overtones, during the height of the Cold War. The Soviet chess system had a monopoly on the title since 1948, and the expectations on Spassky were enormous. While Fischer studied chess virtually in seclusion, Spassky had the full resources of the USSR. Victor Baturinsky, head of Soviet Chess Sports Committee, said: “Basically, the Soviet leadership and the powers that be in sport, were interested in just one issue: how to stop Fischer from becoming World Champion.

With the match set to begin in Reykjavik, Iceland, Fischer (who had not signed any documents confirming his participation) began to make a number of demands, including a percentage of television rights, a larger prize fund, and all manner of conditions covering everything from the lighting to the chair cushions. To satisfy Bobby’s demands of a larger prize fund, British chess promoter James Slater donated a dazzling $125,000 to be added to the prize fund. Fischer still needed more convincing by Bill Lombardy (Fischer’s last-minute choice as second), and one famously persuasive telephone call from Henry Kissinger. Mere hours before he would be forfeited, Fischer arrived in Iceland.

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  1. Like in other games, in chess too, there is nothing called Lose. Both sides win spiritually. Both learn better than the previous day. Both admire the prowess of each other frankly or secretly. So it's a beautiful game.

  2. It would have been a lot more enjoyable if you didn't TALK SO MUCH.

  3. Ricky Gervais roasted too hard at the Oscars & defected to Russia

  4. I wonder why black can’t play rook to c8 to reinforce the queen and result in queen trade with Spassky still having a rook left. And then if white rook or queen to h6 black can just block with its rook.

  5. One thing that the best tactical and strategic winners know is that no battle is ever won, they are always lost. When warriors realize that, and Fischer was a chess warrior, they win. A lot.

  6. Spassky loved chess it wasn't just about winning. Example when Fischer didn't play 1.e4 I bet Spassky was excited wondering what opening ideas Fischer would bring to the board.

  7. Korchnoi -Karpov had drama too. As did Karpov – Kasparov. If you think Fischer is the only nut in chess, learn about Kasparov and the Fomenko Chronology.

  8. Fischer said of Spassky, (I think in both amazement and of being touched) "Did you see that? "(Spassky standing and applauding) "Did you see that? He is a real (true) sportsman"……It did touch Fischer and I believe the highlight of Fischer's career personally. Spassky indeed was then and still is a true sportsman. I have much respect for Mr. Spassky, especially to do such an honor to his opponent that may have cost him (and likely did) with his own country. Fischer fully recognized the import of such a "move". Even in the paranoia suffered by Bobby, he could not imagine his opponent trying to use such a "tactic" to trick or soften Fischer…..such a thing was unthinkable…even to Bobby. To be alive during the match as a teenager I was very blessed. Also, out of pure coincidence, I happened to marry a woman whose last name was…..yes, Fischer. Unfortunately, I had no sons to name Robert or James. Still, a great blessing. Fischer was, as many chess champions, plagued by many mental issues due to the extreme pressure upon him. In fact, this being the most hyped game, by the two largest political adversaries and military powers in the entire world, it is difficult to NOT see the champion being mentally overtaxed….that and his mentally ill mother who held back the truth of whom was Bobby's biological father, and subsequently abandoned Bobby. (I know Bobby told her to leave but there must be a long and deep story to that decision). Bobby is part of history and as he lived in the cold war era, the match will not be forgotten and kudos to Mr. Spassky as well. I never had the chance to meet or thank Mr. Fischer, but despite Bobby's issues with the Jewish people, I hope as a people they would understand his mind being poisoned and forgive him.

  9. the guy in this vid looks exactly like ricky gervais

  10. If I get a chance, I would prefer to be Spassky than Fischer. Fischer was not an amicable person. Spasskey was a world champ and a true gentleman.

  11. I'm kind of the same way, I don't take compliments well lol idk why. I guess I feel undeserving or something

  12. Before or after this game did Fisher ever play the English opening in a tournament?

  13. Why could Spassky not have played rook to C8? Would have left 2 rooks vs Fischer bishop end game. Am I missing something?

  14. POV:Everytime I try to predict the best moves before he says what they are:

    Me: "Yeah well this should be the best move"
    Agadmator: "of course it doesn't work"

  15. Maybe you deserve an applause for the amount of homework behind every video on this channel

  16. Very strong light squared White Bishop kept Black in a bind unable to capture pawn Great Game by Spassky as well Fischer with the upper hand offensively thoroughly enjoyed like your commenting Thanks Agadmator

  17. Do not supply same line ever

  18. I hate these boring YouTubers who keeps analyzing like an experts… just show the game as it is and STFU!!

  19. I am commenting here to try to find out about something I remember pertaining to this historic match. Right after winning the match, a top checkers player got ahold of Fischer and challenged him to a game of checkers. To everyone's surprise Fischer accepted, but on one condition – that they play a chess game as well. Fischer's thinking was well I will win the chess game, and if I really concentrate I can probably get a draw in the checkers game, and so win the match. The checkers player (whose name I do not remember) accepted this and the match was set. I think they played the next day but not sure. They started with the chess game and the checkers player played Fischer to a draw, yes, in chess. Perhaps needless to say Fischer was a no show for the checkers game and that is how it ended. Does anybody here remember this too? I can't find out anything about it on the internet but I swear it happened.

  20. At 13:42 he took 4 seconds to find something to say like “getting destroyed” “is in trouble” “is in a bad position” “is losing” simply because he wanted to say “is fuc ked up”

  21. bobby fisher is a very sus chess champion… i think he was good but also he had something to hide from the cameras….

  22. I come back to this legendary video and game every once in a while. Very nostalgic. Thank you Agad for such valuable, consistent, and accesible content.

  23. why did the fellow in resign the game – without even playing? – (because Fischer opened with C-4)

  24. your comments are good, but by putting them on the board they are covering up a large part of it.

  25. Just the fact that it’s possible to see genius solves to a historic game is weirdly crazy

    Just kinda mulling this over, and please forgive my wording BUT,
    I am however curious how much intention is being attributed to them for perfectly placed or coordinated pieces VS the possibility that more often than we would suspect, their style vs opponents strategy and tactics causes these results.

  26. Bobby Fisher is something matching with John MacAndrew

    But Russian always good but Putin Sir invaded Ugrain because American stimulation of Ugrain otherwise Russian will be Shiba inu coin. ALL BECAUSE OF AMERICAN THUGS THEY WILL PROVOKING RUSSIAN PRESIDENT SO HE IS FORCING TO FIRE NUCLEAR WEAPONS BUT IS IT REQUIRED

  27. Its seems to be Boris Spasky gave up the match for a crying child

  28. 9:27 Can fisher take the pawn, if black doesnt take bishop or move the threaten rook (right into a knight fork) move knight to b5 threatening both rooks!
    Idk tho no engines just my idea against high level player! Idk please show me the error of that line!

  29. Great, fantastic and immortal Bobby Fischer!!!! Respect forever!!! 👍👍👍

  30. Wow after watching a few videos.. my respect✊🏻 ur even more enjoyable than Gotham. Because you stay calm and I really like calmness when I try to understand the games being discribed

  31. In stead of displacing the queen to take the bishop on D7 why bot use the bishop and keep the queen’s placement? I can’t see any foreseeable issue to that move. Guess it played out differently irl but just confused me.

  32. Spassky really got into the spirit of the match with a slight disturbance traced to a dead fly in the lightbulb.

  33. I was hoping to find the actual video of them playing. Does the real video exist?..

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