The Best Chess Game You Have NEVER Seen

The best chess game you have never seen.

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  1. What amazing tactical game! Thank you for the commentary. Very entertaining.

  2. Really liked this video. Would love to see more like it.

  3. Fantastic game, thanks for showing this. What was the best move for black instead of 17…Bxd4? I can't find anything.

  4. ABSOLUTELY enjoyed this video! Also love the "adult" humor, Levy!

  5. White dismantled the siciliian like hot butter over knife.

  6. I'm always be the fried livering noob

  7. "white spoon fed black all the pieces untill his stomach popped" Levy Rozman 2021

  8. That picture behind him needs to be more visible. What I see looks awesome.

  9. 5:25 I've got a feeling that may extend beyond just us viewers…

  10. I tried to guess every step of the way and never would have came to that it was in fact the best game I’ve never seen

  11. Literally paused the video to check out the comment section 😂😂

  12. My nose bled after that first rook sac. That second one make spit out my coke

  13. 7:27: I would play f6. black can't take because of the pin and white is threatening mate (Qxg7#).

  14. If my life is on the line
    In a chess game i think the opening will be ruy lopez
    What about u

  15. Tf can i do when im at 400 and get only 9 rating when i win, does anybody know how can i get more then 9 fucking rating when i win? It seems so stupid that ur elo is decided by the first 3 games on the acc

  16. Day 5 of translating Levys title into german:

    Das beste Schachspiel, dass du jemals gesehen hast

  17. Well… now I have seen the game… change title pls 😆

  18. @GothamChess Golubev,M (2530)-Podinic,V (2366) Lasker Autumn GM 2001 (3) 1-0
    This confused me, since Titled players typically know Sicilian lines about 20 moves deep. Something this overwhelming "couldn't" be completely new. Still this is one of those games that you just imagine Tal sitting somewhere with a cigarette, a drink and smiling.

  19. Really great sequence of attacks, but not the best game I’ve ever seen. Great video still

  20. Muchas Gracias Por los comentarios, Saludos desde Mexico.

  21. That's why you should finish your development before anything

  22. Everyone enjoys the pin of shame, but just once I’d like to see the pin of love

  23. This was prolly incredibly frustrating for Ulvi

  24. At 7:08 when you're playing one of the possible variation lines, why does the queen go to C5 if the bishop is double attacked why not just move the bishop to a safer square? What am I missing?

  25. Levy, your Spanish is exact. That's unexpected, no offence.

  26. Levy, your videos are always appreciated. I'm undergoing one of the more intense stressful times of my life right now and your videos always being a constant consistency has been really helpful.

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