The Best Chess GUI for Deep Analysis

The top 6 Chess Software Interfaces compared for the purpose of Analysis


  1. man thanks for nibbler, i installed it, it was quite easy, i got the lc0 engine, didnt do anything else really, im just stoked how simple lightweight and powerful it is. i love it.

  2. You should talk about chesskings which is a very interesting GUI And as a Mac OS user I appreciate a lot that chesscking comes with Stockfish as UCI engine

  3. Glad to see you back, Carl. Your Aquarium tutorial videos from several yrs ago were really helpful, sure this one will be too.

  4. I have both Aquarium 2020 and HIARCS Chess Explorer (looking forward for version 2 BTW). HIARCS is by far my favorite chess GUI because of its simplicity, user-friendliness, and human-like playing engine. I also love Aquarium, and ever since I got it, I thought there is no way any other chess GUI can beat it in terms of its analysis features. Plus, it comes with a great huge database, and it's cheap (relatively at least)! I just wish they would continue to improve Aquarium; it has great potential and oceans of space for improvement.

  5. Carl thank you for this, just brilliant and helpful. Aquarium as well as Chess Assistant were both my go to programs for years. I have finally switched to Chessbase for my DB…but I keep coming back to Aquarium because nothing has as of yet surpassed it. I really, really wish someone would take up the mantle and incorporate and improve what I loved in Chess Assistant and love in Aquarium. Chess Assistant is basically been abandoned for years and Aquarium is getting that same feeling the last couple of years. With ChessOK there are barely if any major…or even minor changes now to Aquarium. Bug fixes are random if at all…none of which they document and support is always hit and miss, and now is just about absent completely. They are non-communicative to users queries and issues…it is just sad. My hope is that someday they just release the code (unlikely…but, I really do not want to see the promise of this brilliant software disappear). Every year…every release is just disappointment that nothing changes.

  6. You missed the best GUI. Fritz 17 has the best Deep Position Analysis function. It is not the same Deep Analysis that is found in Chessbase 16. Most things you did not like about Chessbase 16 Deep Analysis, is not found in Fritz 17's version of Deep Analysis.

  7. Nice video. Did you notice any functional improvements from Aquarium 2020 to Aquarium 2021, or any difference in the amount of problems with bugs?

  8. Thank you Carl for mentioning my software. It gave me some some chills to see the appreciation of my software after so many years in particular in regards to the UI. I hope I will release a new version one day. The new version I'm working on has been completely redesigned (hopefully for the better) to look even nicer and scale better on high resolution.

  9. Excellent video again Carl. I presume Aquarium is dead now for years. It could be resurrected by ChessOK, but I figure the lead programmers already left the sinking ship long time ago. I still use it from time to time, but not as heavy as I used to do. As a GM, I prefer to sit behind a chessboard and let the positions I want to analyse, 'sink in'. I play around manually and after some time I wrap up the decision making progress by making some concluding notes. These notes are basically my input for further analysis work. Again, compliments for your instructive video, very good job.

  10. I am a complete newbie to Aquarium, just installed last week. I have the CB16 and Fritz 17 and I am not satisfied with the analysis so I thought of trying to find a better software for analysis. I have been hearing about the IDeA so I said to myself why not give it a try. But oh boy, it was fun going around not knowing what to do. So I searched YouTube on tutorials on how to set up IDeA and found your channel.

    I am very thankful for your your videos. Your presentations are much appreciated. It makes my learning less difficult. Thank you!

  11. Just out of curiosity, about how much did that Chessbase cloud analysis cost you?

  12. In Chessbase 16 you can save the analysis… Just save it to a database…

  13. Is chessok a safe place to shop?have any of you bought anything from there website recently? Two days ago i made a purchase for chess assistant. They havent sent me a download link. I sent them emails and forms but they havent responded.

  14. 1r3rk1/p4pb1/3pp2p/2n1n2q/4PBp1/1NN1Q3/PPP2PP1/3R1RK1 b – – 0 1 This my current acid test for LCO and Stockfish ,FF etc. They take a lot of time to find the sequence starting with Rxb3!! …. I wish you show us how aquarium can solve this position within a minutes through IDEA

  15. I just purchased Aquarium 21, but I have not received download link. Is it a scam? How did you received the software? BTW, brilliant video.

  16. About Shredder: be aware that, even though the site says "Available for your desktop computer with Windows, Mac or Linux", **you have to buy them separately**!

  17. About the Triple Brain idea it seems like the blind is leading the not blinded.

  18. Not sure why Hiarcs Chess Explorer was included. In terms of analysis and based on just this video it seems all it can do is infinite analysis which you could already get from software back in the 90's.

  19. Nibbler shouldn't have been included either in my opinion as according to this video the only unique thing about the Nibbler interface is that it gives you a different way of reading the evaluation scores of several candidate moves. What does 74% winning chance even mean? Like you said in chess every move has only three outcomes, a win, a draw, or a loss. I wouldn't be surprised if with further analysis a candidate move claiming to provide a 74% winning chance ends up just drawing.

  20. After watching the entire presentation I think the only engines in your list that should have been included were Aquarium 2021 and Chessbase 16, and perhaps Shredder although that's debatable because from what I could see the 'triple brain' feature is only an attempt at trying to decide between two engines which one is more correct, which honestly seems very flawed to me and I don't see how that qualifies as 'deep analysis' but rather a different method of slow forward analysis (analyzing one move at a time in a forward direction). As for your conclusion while I agree that Aquarium 2021 is the clear winner I just don't see why Nibbler is included much less how it managed to tie for 2nd place, it has no deep analysis feature.

    Still I think it was an entertaining and informative presentation, thanks for making it.

  21. When you considered SCID did you also look at SCID-vs-PC a fork that is geared toward engine-vs-engine?

  22. No doubt that chessbase is the best but it is pricey so I'm useing free chess programs like Scid and BanksiaGUI

  23. You did a thorough job. What pc build do have

  24. Very nice. Also, I didn't know Chris Beaumont played an engine match. Do you know where I can find this? I played Chris once a couple years ago in Bristol.

  25. If 15. Qf4, why not Rb5 instead of e5 (which apparently loses to Rxe5 according to SF 15 Dev release)?

  26. Aquarium has not updated for many years and the bugs have never been fixed. Bottomline analysis depends on the engine.

  27. Modern stockfish on a Mobile phone found e5/d6 immediately.

  28. I think that Chess Opening Wizard could be on this list. It has great analysis, you can use it for position analysis, as well as work on your repertoire.

  29. très instructif. Je suis satisfait d'Arena. Malheureusement, le travail acharné sur les positions et l'analyse des échecs ne me laisse pas le temps de me familiariser avec des domaines informatiques plus complexes.

  30. Neural nets are definitely exciting when applied to game theory, whether it be Chess, Go , or other games (Galactic Civilizations, for instance), but I think the concept of centipawns isn't so hard to understand. The bigger issue is that's all some Chess engines themselves understand. As you say, Chess can only end in three ways, win, loss, or draw… but the materialistic approach of many Chess engines means they haven't always appreciated beautiful gameplay that isn't about stripping the board bare.

    Personally, I think the big weakness in analysis software is the lack of good natural language advice. Chessmaster paved the way here, but mostly it's not been taken up seriously. Lack of natural language advice makes it harder to beginner and intermediate players to improve.

    Nibbler looks like it is trying some original ideas for analysis. Of course, the LeelaZero engine has its own issues. While it's more creative than Stockfish, it doesn't seem to have as good Chess knowledge and flubs some closed positions that are difficult.

  31. Hhmmm… Well, the other day I posted some questions for Carl and now they're nowhere to be seen. Go figure. @Mr. Bicknell – Have you looked at CA 22 and Aquarium 2022 at all? If so, did you notice any changes? Also, the training videos for CA seem to have gone as I only get "This format not supported" or some such. You are about the best and only source in English for info on Aquarium and I would love for you to do a series on Chess Assistant (CA). TIA!

  32. Nibbler has searchmove, now u can select the moves u want and also have "lock and go" where u can press the line u want to store. I would love if make a ctg but maybe in the future.

  33. Aquarium has not had any updates since 2016. Thy lost their programmer and I think he went to Chessbase.

  34. Well, I am surprised to understand these software from your end for deep analysis. What do you think about the latest Houdini 6 pro, Komodo, Stockfish, Leela zero? Are they no good for deep analysis?

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