The Chess Cheating Scandal, Explained | WSJ

A report from alleging that grandmaster Hans Moke Niemann likely cheated in over 100 online games upended the chess world in October. WSJ explains how a player might bypass security measures to win a game.

Illustration: Adele Morgan

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  1. I think the solution is simple. Have Hans play Carlsen naked. Besides, this might distract Carlsen into a loss.

  2. The WSJ obviously knows little about high level chess…..

  3. Implants in the skin to send signals.. If this was possible?

  4. What if there is a way of cheating that some of the best players use today and this guy recently found out how to do it himself, whereby his sudden increase in skill made it obvious? I mean it sounds ridiculous perhaps, but it certainly isn't completely impossible. What if the method of cheating is recognisable to others who use the cheat and that it's the reason Magnus could so quickly and confidently be completely certain that Hans was cheating? I mean Magnus wasn't suspicious about it, he was 100% certain, but still he didn't want to say how he knew, or he would be in big trouble. Why would he be in big trouble? If he knew he was cheating, he would prove it, unless it would be bad for him too, and why would it be bad for himself too? Think about it. I think they need to focus on Magnus more here. If he knows that he cheated, he could be the key to proving it.

  5. Nothing like a bit of controversy to attract attention

  6. Hans is ruined as a serious contender on the world stage.

  7. The fact tournaments would let someone in with a phone AKA a modern day computer that you can put in your pocket is beyond me.

  8. its too bad they have literally 0 evidence of Hans cheating OTB, its interesting that Carlson is fine playing against people who cheated in the past when they lose, but if he loses then the next game he does a stunt that gets literally all of mainstream media on his side with no evidene of cheating OTB.

  9. just because someone "cheats" in their free time against no one notable, doesnt mean they always cheat. looking at computer recommended moves isnt just for cheating, it can also help someone learn how to be a better player. if you think of a move, then check the computer to see what it thinks, you can learn how to make better moves over time. chess is stupid anyway. the only real value in chess is in the game its self and the brain training it can provide.

  10. They have the best cheat detection in the world

    Nahh bro,Just like in online video games,no matter how good an anticheat was,hackers were always there,even in real life….one day,cheaters like him will reach his limit,a guy who couldnt explain his playing pattern is definitely someone suspicious,especially being a GM,who was supposed to know every single strats available in the world and every moves is calculated… day this guy will get caught properly when the security were enhanced

  11. Play in-person tournaments only. That will solve the cheating. Online games should not be recognized as official games.

  12. Niemann; Go Home and Be Ashamed of Yourself !!!! How much more honorable is not even an honest loser; compared with You !!!!

  13. To properly castle, you must move the King first, not the rook.

    Loose putin!

  14. The biggest disrespect is when Hans actually tweeted "The lawsuit speaks for itself."

  15. Whats the similarity: alleging a person likely cheated 1 time, 100 times, 1 million times?

  16. So this dude is claimed a cheater with no physical evidence and just speculation? Kinda ridiculous if you ask me. I get their assumptions but isn't this opening a can of worms with future losers? Seems like this is being handled by some gatekeeper types. Also, this is lawsuit territory with out hard evidence.

  17. His cheating is so disgusting, now he’s suing magnus out of spite and for more attention. He’s a pathetic child.

  18. So basically these chess engine programs are kinda like range charts in poker? In a live chess game all ud have to do is make sure they don't have something in their ears so any championship should be decided that way.

  19. I don't think Magnus is winning this case because the onus is upon him to provide evidence that Hans actually cheated

  20. Do a 1v1 rematch in a black box that's a Faraday cage. Checkmate Hans

  21. What people want is a match between Magnus and Hans. That'll clear the air.

  22. Didn’t know jack harlow was a pro chess player

  23. They should invite the guys to these tournaments who are in charge of security in casinos. They have more than enough experience with cheaters, can spot them already through their behaviour and can immediately tell if someone is lying.

  24. ‘I have never ever ever cheated when it counted…but yeah I did at one point’

  25. Magnus cannot accept that Hans is just that good.

    I saw one of his matches where he(Hans) can tell the opponent's move by watching where her hand is.

  26. Once a cheater, forever a cheater. Doesn't matter if you're talking about video games, chess, sports or relationships. The dude admitted to having cheated in the past. hence we know he has no moral compass. Only thing that would stop someone like him from cheating is the consequence of getting caught, which is next to none.

  27. I'd say the community failed to come together and make cheating at in person game impossible I'm blame Magnus as someone that didn't see this or did and didn't try to head it off in the 5 years of his reign. . Once a cheater always a cheater. It's that easy..I can't believe that a game that requires the highest i.q. has the most incompetency as a whole.. every one should look in the mirror and ask how did we lose our collective integrity..

  28. Ya’ll just need to put Magnus and this Hans dude in a room with no one else so as to ensure there’s no way to cheat. Put just the cameras in there and pit them against each other a best of 5 tournament. Stream the event online and on TV and a ton of money.

  29. Magnus probably could have handled it more professionally, rage quitting twice isn't a good look on anybody

  30. I saw a player on lichess who has a 1800 rating. Their OTB rating from a tournament only a month ago is 932. There is no such thing as online cheating!

  31. Being a proven cheater, the burden of proof now lies on Niemann, for all those asking for explicit evidence. The need for explicit evidence exists only for Niemann to prove he is not cheating, and any refusal to engage with this known cheater is legitimate. Why would Magnus risk humiliation at the hands of an individual known to be lacking in integrity, and known to be willing to subvert the rules? Full body imaging immediately prior to the game with monitored bathroom breaks would be one way to do it. But then you ask yourself, why are we going through all this trouble to include a cheater?

  32. “Must be embarrassing to lose to me”
    He knows himself that he has no skill or else no one would say that. I don’t watch chess ever but you can tell it’s a class act game and respect is a major part of the game. He clearly had no respect for the game

  33. how can saying how a person could cheat count as evidence that they cheated?

  34. At 2:19 white castles incorrectly. One always moves the king first, then the rook. WSJ showed the rook move first.

  35. Is it just me? Or does niemann just look like a cheater

  36. my biggest hurdle in chess is my bad connection in online games.. ive lost so many games from running out of time while waiting for the opponent to make his move >_<

  37. – unable to explain his thought process or decisions
    – A victory that would make him the biggest chess prodigy to date with no previous indication of that trajectory.
    – trolling and disrespectful comments afterwards
    – A lack of attention and stress at key moments in the game
    – coached by a known cheater
    – claimed ‘by a miracle’ he studied the exact game the day before
    – previous proven instances of cheating, which he previously denied happened.

    Sure, there is no solid evidence that he cheated against Magnus but sure seems fishy. I totally understand the refusal to play him again.

  38. The fact that Niemann supporters only argument is "innovent until proven guilty" speaks volumes

  39. Ngl Magnus was cheating too cuz he used his brain

  40. Just because you stole a bunch of candy bars from 7-11 doesn't mean you robbed the Citibank.

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