The Evergreen Chess Game – No commentary – No analysis – Just enjoy the game.

The Evergreen Chess Game
Anderssen vs Dufresne (1852)

Just like a great piece of music or a beautiful piece of art, we don’t need to know how it was constructed to enjoy it. The same with a game of Chess.

We can watch with no commentary and no analysis. We can just sit back, relax and enjoy the game.


  1. you know that so cool how that no one notice the pawn and it just stayed there until the end being the main reason of the game concluding how it dude just fantastic

  2. No music and commentary is wat i was looking on YT – thanks

  3. Does anyone know why the white player let the black pawn on d3 stay so long? I would've taken it so many times before white did. I don't know the strategy for delaying it…

  4. Good but… at 1min 13sec he could've had the black queen. . . Correct me if I'm wrong

  5. Wtf craziest game craziest simple sacrifice I have ever seen

  6. Awesome channel. Was looking for games with no commentary. Thanks, Jon.

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