The Greatest Chess Endgame ever | Vishy Anand vs Magnus Carlsen | Global Chess League 2023

If you would like to witness one of the best endgames ever played, you are in for some luck! 5-time World Champion Vishy Anand (Ganges Grandmasters) sat opposite another 5-time World Champion Magnus Carlsen (SG Alpine Warriors) at the 7th round of the Global Chess League 2023. The game was a slow strategic battle with both sides maneuvring in the first half of the game. Then Magnus realized that he had to win in order to let his team have any chances to beat his opposing team. And so he sacrificed a pawn. The game then went into a knight vs bishop endgame that was so sharp and complex that very few grandmasters could make sense of what was going on. With themes like domination, underpromotion, stalemate and much more, this is an endgame worth visiting and revisiting many many times in your life! Check out this battle along with the commentary of IM Sagar Shah and enjoy.

Video: ChessBase India

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  1. sagar commentating while analyzing the game like a grandmaster.. this man is a machine.

  2. There are many talented Indian players, but no one has reached the greatness of Vishy.

  3. At 4:29 I feel exchange of bishop with knight would provide extra knight

  4. ≋ꪜꪖỉꪉꫝꪖꪜ𒆜𒆜Yadav𒆜 says:

    What about nikhil tal

  5. Me: Hey Finnish team, you might lose the tournament.
    Team: naaah we have Magnus

  6. In future definitely pragnan will beat carlsen

  7. Being late always shows the negative attitude of magnus

  8. is it just me? the commentator is annoying, i would love to watch it w/o doing any suggestion from commentator

  9. Caster is real world champion bro 😅😅😅really

  10. Magnus Carlsen is miyamoto Musashi of chess

  11. Their smiles in the thumbnail say everything ❤

  12. You can understand chess more in silent


  13. How many of you think the commentator is making difficult to watch the game properly?

  14. Just 1 blunder by Vishy,Game turned upside down

  15. This commentator gives me a Pacquiao fight vibes.🔥

  16. That knight move was exceptional🎉🎉🎉🎉

  17. Vishy choose to plan an interesting move. Kudos to him!

  18. How chess players get late in game?
    Then they go running there😅

  19. I am speechless on how Carlsen came out of it 🔥🔥🔥💯💯

  20. The commentator is just brilliant! And what a finish.

  21. Magnus smiles :- I have seen your trick Vishy
    Vishy smiles :- I know that you have seen my trick
    Magnus smiles again :- I know that you know that I have seen your trick

  22. Magnus always being late is wholesome idk why

  23. Magnus is starting to look like a barrel beer bellied mortal combat player

  24. Every time i watch these video with this commentator i get pumped. Great job!!

  25. that is some beautiful chess by magnus carlsen

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