The man who checkmated Kramnik’s king and also transformed chess analysis – Mathias Feist

ChessBase was started in 1980s by Frederic Friedel and Matthias Wullenweber. The first programmer to join the team was Mathias Feist. He has been with ChessBase for over 35 years! When asked about his biggest contribution to chess, he mentions about how storing games was a separate software and analyzing with an engine was a separate one. Mathias managed to bring it together. Today we all analyze with a ChessBase engine but that was not the case in 1990s.

Mathias also was the representative of ChessBase who handled Fritz engine in the match against Kramnik. He was the one who would make the moves that Fritz would suggest on the board. In one of the games, he became very popular as he had to execute the mate in one against Kramnik. It was a surreal experience for him.

We also speak about what Mathias thinks will be the future of chess. This is an interview with a man who has dedicated his life to pushing the boundaries of chess technology.

Video: ChessBase India

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  1. Is "ChessBase India" associated with "ChessBase" in any way?

  2. Thanks for this video. We don't often get to see the people who have revolutionised things that we take it for granted today.

  3. Seeing him, I am reminded of my middle school Computer Science teacher, who also had an unwavering passion for coding in addition to loving chess, and was trying with his limited resources to program a game in JAVA. I wonder how his project has progressed since.

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