The Masterpiece: Aronian vs Carlsen Norway Chess 2017 | Game Analysis

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In this video I analyze the game between Levon Aronian and reigning World Champion Magnus Carlsen from the Altibox Norway Chess 2017. I apologize for the bad audio in this video, but I hope you could still enjoy the analysis!

Thanks to Lennart Ootes for allowing me to use the thumbnail picture!

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  1. What a beast game. Absolute brilliancy by Aronian.

  2. Könntest du bitte mal die Variante nach S×e5 analysieren. Sieht ziemlich interessant aus. Vor allem weil ich gerne mit dem Damengambit eröffne und in letzter Zeit oft auf solche Varianten getroffen bin.

  3. Correction: It seems Aronian's preparation ended with 10.Bc2 and he found a3 over the board. Absolutely incredible!

  4. Thanks Nicolas for your analyses
    you did it very quickly

  5. amazing game thanks for sharing it with us 😀

  6. Wow… what a great game. Thanks very much.

  7. Beautiful game by Aronian, one of chess's gentlemen, a3 poisoned castle? . A very good analysis. Thankyou

  8. Great analysis, thanks for sharing. The audio was fine really. It seems that Aronian is playing very well this year.

  9. Beautiful Game … thank you for an excellent analysis!

  10. Wow master piece Aronian !!!and also by your presentation very clear !

  11. Gutes Video, auch wenn die Face-Cam nicht so ist, wie immer. Ich habe aus dieser Partie wieder so viel gelernt, vielen Dank!

  12. If you looked at this game without knowing the players, who would you think was the world champion?

  13. Astonishing game. Not everyday you see Carlsen getting pwned in such a razor-sharp manner.

  14. Were you there too????? I didn't see you! :'(

  15. Aronian jugó como campeón! Probablemente el único que no le molesta la forma de juego de Carlsen. Excelente análisis con sus variantes e indicando donde esta la novedad y donde termina la preparación, me suscribo ahora mismo al canal. Es en verdad lo que estaba buscando! Maestro!!!!

  16. This guy makes the game so enjoyable. He's got a real engaging way of analyzing and instructing.

  17. Hope Lev gets back into the 2800 club. Go Lev !!!!!!!

  18. At the 5:09 mark, Magnus would have lost his Queen had he played Queen to B2 followed with Knight to A4 and Queen to A2 ..then bishop to B3 and the white queen would have to move to A3 …but then comes bishop to C1 and its resignation for Carlsen. Correct me if I'm wrong. Thanks

  19. I'm not sure but why black doesn't take back with his pawns or his knight? For example at 4:06. Why you left this option out?

  20. i noticed the bxp ,which started the attack was a line in the COLLE SYSTEM known as ''the greek gift''

  21. As I openned YouTube I saw like 3 videos covering this match, so i definitely had to watch it 🙂 thanks

  22. Classless showing of carlsen's sportsmanship for not showing up to the post mortem.

  23. i saw two analysees of this game before yours, and yours was definately the most in depth and only one that explained the bishop c2 move properly. great analysis

  24. What about if the queen moves on a2 not b5? timing on 4:04

  25. Wonderful analysis! I've watched about a dozen videos about this game, and yours is by far the best. In fact it is the only one I have seen so far that even addresses the possibilities of 14.Nb1.

  26. The Masterpiece is such a perfect title for this video. Truly a magnificent display of chess. I love all your analyses!

  27. Thanks for making sense of Bc2, that was way beyond my level 🙂

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