The most exciting game of Magnus Carlsen’s chess career | Carlsen vs Rapport | Commentary by Sagar

“I have never had a feeling like this after a game!” is like how Magnus likes to describe this game. When Magnus Carlsen was asked if this was the most exciting game he has played in recent times, he replied, “Oh yeah! for sure! There is no contest whatsoever!”

What was so special about the game that Magnus Carlsen loved it so much? How did his opponent Richard Rapport match him move for move in the encounter? Check out the 14th round of World Blitz 2022 with commentary by IM Sagar Shah.

Video: ChessBase India

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  1. Vishal bhai is like a BHAI now. What attitude matlab. Earphone thik se chal nai rhe toh punch line sunai nahi diya, par attitude dekhke maza aa gaya

  2. 8:07 Always when a chess commentaor say this words, 2 minutes later, Magnus is the winner 😁😂

  3. Why not black play pawn to g5 and wins the Bishop ?

  4. I got used to the commentary 😂😂 I appreciate it more now tbh!!

  5. I mean, that Magnus can win earlier if he took the rook on f4 with the king, no with the pawn.

  6. Rook should capture the besides queen then the Black's king would be saved then black has chance to get another queen

  7. I just started playing chess and noob AF.. The game isn't easy

  8. A chessgame commented in the style of a horse race, just great, love it

  9. Sagar saw all blunders😂😂….and knew before time

  10. Can someone explain to me the Carlson move of pawn h5-h6 was a cheat???? getting the opponent pawn and no one in the world saw it? Or i am getting crazy???

  11. The hardest game to win is a won game. Normally when you are in a completely winning position it's actually very hard to win because the positions are brand new to you. Unless it's a very forcing line that you've studied at home. But you get into these fresh positions and also have to find the "only move" which is incredibly hard

  12. At 8:02 can someone explain to me how Magnus can't just take the rook with his queen for checkmate?

  13. 8:31 OMG, did he just fooled him? He just switched to a different place. And everything went in quick after that.

  14. thank you ChessBase India for being with me during tough times, Thank you in JEE Advanced

  15. Excellent, Hope to meet you soon, Sagar Sir

  16. Excellent ChessBase India, for covering such legendary figures

  17. If chess ever becomes a popular international sport, make this guy a commentator, he makes it so exciting. 😂😁

  18. this is really sad that even if you have magnus in mid game he is the flawless endgame player and you are not

  19. I had to watch this in slow motion so I could keep up and I still had to go back to check some moves 😅

  20. 8:28 Carlsen cut Rapport's pawn with wrong move, how can he cut horizontally from pawn

  21. 10:30 cant he just place queen on b7, after black moved queen to e3. Game over there.

  22. More likely IMO, Carlsen managed to swindle Rapport in this game.

  23. I hate when Magnus came to late. Why did he always do that ?? I don't like his atittude.

  24. I love your energetic commentary. Exciting and entertaining. Thank you!

  25. To be fair: Rapport beat himself with important blunders. Real pity, he played very well.

  26. Bro said the world champion made a mistake 😂

  27. If you mute the annoying commentary you can watch the match and think only about the moves yourself.

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