The most exciting game of Magnus Carlsen’s chess career | Carlsen vs Rapport | Commentary by Sagar

“I have never had a feeling like this after a game!” is like how Magnus likes to describe this game. When Magnus Carlsen was asked if this was the most exciting game he has played in recent times, he replied, “Oh yeah! for sure! There is no contest whatsoever!”

What was so special about the game that Magnus Carlsen loved it so much? How did his opponent Richard Rapport match him move for move in the encounter? Check out the 14th round of World Blitz 2022 with commentary by IM Sagar Shah.

Video: ChessBase India

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  1. I didn't know Kurt Cobain played chess in his younger days😂

  2. The gameplay plus the commentary equals a very entertaining video. I've only been playing chess a few days now but I'm learning fast. Always thought chess was a game only for genius nerds. But I'm really enjoying it.

  3. Instead of two queens,,queen to b7 is a win there

  4. Seharus nya dia sudah menang daritadi,saat ratu nya diletak didepan pion. Tapi dia jenius

  5. There is Harsha Bhogle, then we have Sagar Shah. They make the sport beautiful ❤

  6. The commentator made it sound like a boxing match. The comments after the game by Magnus amazed me. It was like a boxer remembering every punch and counter punch of the game- and what round and time left in the round. What a memory. I'm at beginner level and sometimes when the game is over I can't remember what opening was played.
    Maybe it is easier after you play a million games and you have all the openings memorized.

  7. The commentry 👏👏👏 Sagar Bhai wah 😅

  8. I love how this commentator is so good he knows the optimal moves. His excitement is just awesome and contagious.

  9. This guy sounds like a race announcer for a slo-mo Kentucky Derby

  10. 8:27 Rapport plays pg5 and magnus takes it with pawn on h5??? How???? 😀

  11. You can see the high emotions on the players.

  12. Queen B7 in middle game was not played?

  13. Sagar is EPIC <3 <3 <3 game is epic too. Blundeeer! Blundeeeer!!! <3

  14. Best Game 😎 Boss magnus Carlsen❤

  15. Amazing with great commentary Thank you 🎉🎉🎉🎉

  16. Why couldn’t he take the queen at the end with the rook?

  17. Why couldn’t he take the queen at the end with the rook?

  18. Why couldn’t he take the queen at the end with the rook?

  19. Why couldn’t he take the queen at the end with the rook?

  20. Why couldn’t he take the queen at the end with the rook?

  21. wowww. half of the game magnus had him 1 move away from CM. that was surely intense

  22. sagar bhai in news for inducing heart attacks.

  23. Guys guys did you just notice that at 8:33 of the video. Where magnes took the pawn on G6 but rapport place he's pawn on G5 checking the White's king but magne's pawn was on H5. How is it possible!!?!?!?. Is this a new rule?.

  24. Richie is so creative- his games are always so exciting

  25. Turn off the sound and enjoy the CHESS…

  26. Magnus did throw in a swindle, in what was pretty much a lost game. That pawn on a6. And ultimately that turned out to be the undoing of Rapport. Seems a bit unfair that Rapport played so brilliantly, yet got undone by a little trick.

  27. At 10:35 am i trippin or did magnus miss checkmate? Lol, he had a pawn right there a6 and his queen on f7, queen to b7 n its checkmate lol

    Edit: lmao nvm i see his queen is pinned by blacks queen, thats why im a 1000 😂😂😂

  28. I love your commentaries , you're the best!

  29. Is this commentary live? If so, he should enter the tournament and take it down.

  30. Whoever this commentator is, is hands down the best commentator in the chess world.

  31. What about the Anand-Carlsen game at last year's global chess league? It was also a thriller – where Magnus won with an insane under-promotion.

  32. I am new to watching Chess…this game was nothing short of INCREDIBLY EXCITING! WOW! Who IS this guy Magnus Carlsen? I don't know anything about him but I'm gonna take a guess by saying that either he is a Champion Chess player or he's on his way to being one! This makes me want to learn how to play Chess! I'm hooked! Who is the commentator too btw? Very detailed description of what the plays are & oh the excitement level in his voice was outstanding! Thanks to everyone involved, this video was incredible to watch & listen too! Don't even know how this came into my recommended but I'm so happy that it did! I play checkers as a kid but I'm thinking….this is nothing like checkers LOL! Cheers from Toronto Ontario Canada! Wow, gotta watch this a few more times now! Thanks again to ChessBase India for you incredible commentary, spot on my man! You sure do know your stuff dude! You got the right stuff!

  33. i have no idea what i just watched or why but my heart is racing!!!

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