The Most Extraordinary Attack Of The 2023 Chess World Cup

Witness The Greatest Attack Of The 2023 Chess World Cup – R Praggnanandhaa vs Maxime Lagarde. Beautiful attacking chess and an immortal chess game!

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  1. This match as to give brilliancy award

  2. What a game 🎯😅 i wouldn't have taken that risk at all … Even though i am 2077

  3. So, Don't try to punish an other Grand master.

  4. Pragg mate, you are brilliant! 🎊❤️

  5. Rule of thumb Castle. Pragg absolutely took advantage of the position when you leave the King like that !

  6. Pretty sure he's 18 but whatever. He's a badass😊

  7. it was like the era of Andersen and Murphy : attack attack attack sac sac sac sac

  8. 13:35 for white the knight from e3 to f5 is a wining the rook or queen killer move that is missed

  9. Ah! Reminds me Tal!. Class commentary. Gracias.

  10. 1. … f5+, 2. Nxf5 Qd3+, 3. Ke5(only move) Qd5#


    1. … f5+, 2. Kxf5 Qg6+, 3. Ke5(only move) Qe6#

    i try so hard and got so far
    but in the end i am only 1682

  11. No doubt Pragg will become the chess world champion one day for sure❤❤❤

  12. The fact that Pragg was confident about winnng despite losing so many minor pieces is incredible. Calmness personified

  13. Lol I never lost a game. I tear the board apart. No games

  14. he stole my chess clock in Warshau Open 2014

  15. Your narration style is great. You get excited without screaming at me.

  16. So why not King e5 in that final position to eventually win the checking pawn? It looks to me like it forces the rook back and gives white a tempo to win the pawn but what am I missing?

  17. Liked your walkthrough of the game. Did watch at 1.5x though

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  19. good commentary really enjoy listening to the analysis


  21. His coach ramesh trained him…thats why hes too good

  22. 3:08 Qh3 seems better to get that pony and u cant defend it …even if u push D pawn..step back with queen and push g3 atacking the pony

  23. i hate how he commented like he is the greatest one….saying their mistake and what could happen…..just go to the world chapaionship and play with them…..let us see your own mistake

  24. Ke5 at the end is what was slowest for me to find. Qg6 is a quiet move and the same mating net is present, but wasn't as immediately obvious.

  25. why bxe3 ? not considered in explanation and By GMs

  26. Must watch for the racist bastards who make fun of his name.

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