The Most Famous Chess Game Of All Time

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The Paul Morphy Duke Karl Count Isouard Opera Chess Game. Explained.

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  1. “First, then, Paul Morphy was never so passionately fond, so inordinately devoted to chess as is generally believed. An intimate acquaintance and long observation enable us to state this positively. His only devotion to the game, if it may be so termed, lay in his ambition to meet and to defeat the best players and great masters of this country and of Europe. He felt his enormous strength, and never, for a moment, doubted the outcome. Indeed, before his first departure for Europe he privately and modestly, yet with perfect confidence, predicted to us his certain success, and when he returned he expressed the conviction that he had played poorly, rashly; that none of his opponents should have done so well as they did against him. But, this one ambition satisfied, he appeared to have lost nearly all interest in the game.” – Charles de Maurian

  2. The "philidor defence", also known as both the KID and the Dragon sicilian when I try to play without contacts when I first wake up…

  3. Levy,

    Thanks so much. The output levels are insane and always top quality. Effort, engagement, entertainment and education, 10/10.

    You are the spokesman of Chess.

  4. "What's worth more than a rook? A queen, a king, and you. You're worth more than a rook."
    Is it ever likely that you as a player will be at risk of death during a game of chess?

  5. I see the video has 36'999 likes, I click like.

  6. Why didn’t the Duke move his pawn to h6 to kick out the bishop earlier?

  7. Gothamchess: "And this is a concept knows as danger levels. My long time viewers will know i love this term. Whats worth more than a rook? A queen, a king and you. You´re worth more than a rook"
    Me: sighs holds gun to my head and threatens to kill myself

  8. Look im like 650 but I am so odly proud of myself for finding queen b8 🙂

  9. They did a parody of this game in wolfenstein 2. Max hass versus Roth. You stumble upon them 2 moves before checkmate. Only differences are white is missing the b, f, and g pawn and the chessboard colors are inverted.

  10. Wonder what the emotional arc for the duke and count was during Morphy's queen sacrifice & mate.

  11. Ive had some dirty checkmates back in the day. Itd be cool if i could replay them all with Levy commentating

  12. I just started playing chess, I'm only about 800 ELO, and I saw that Queen sacrifice a mile away. Maybe I'm up to something…

  13. A centuru later fischer played his game of the century (98 years later)

  14. Morphy's game is so exciting to watch, me as a chess idiot can enjoy the blistering attack. This game is just breath taking, never know chess can be played like this, I am just in awe.

  15. That Botez Gambit reference was personal Attacc

  16. 6:00 here white capture f7 with bishap than after queen capture he play qxb7 and a8 rook trapped its also good

  17. Jay-z was probably there watching this game

  18. Without watching the vid and not knowing the story and having only seen the moves previously , the person playing back lost the game off the first couple moves, bad bad opening

  19. This is the most poetic artistic and beautiful game

  20. Ohhhh so THATS why it's called the "Opera Mate." It was first famously played by a famous player in an Opera

  21. Hopefully, AI can provide us with theoretical matchups between the greats of all time. My money is on Morphy.

  22. The Botez gambit reference @ 8min was chefs kiss.

  23. Thumbs down for me, he tries to be a comedian and he fails. Besides this is a chess video, not "amateur hour", we don't log in here to for failed comedy.

  24. if this is being played while they're watching an opera how did they record this game

  25. The funny thing is that opera's game ended in opera's mate

  26. I've seen this covered by others first, but this is one of the games that never gets old. And since every caster has a different style, I don't mind repetition of good content. I mean that jab at Botez was already worth the watch 🙂 And while I usually prefer Agadmator, Finegold, Nakamura and Rosen, I really enjoy this type of content from you, Levi. The reason I prefer the others is that typcial Levi content is on overdrive and tries too hard to be edgy. But here you show that you can be a pretty good teacher and the amount of jokes and snark in it are perfectly balanced – just enough to keep things entertaining but not overshadowing the actual lecture.
    I know I am late with this, but it had to be said.

  27. I can destroy Gotham in Chess😅😅😅

  28. You don't condone violence? I thought boxing was a hobby of yours?

  29. What a symphony by Paul Murphy, absolutely brilliant, 165 years later, still gives butterflies in the stomach, wow

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