The Reason People Don’t Get Better At Chess According to Ben Finegold

Clipped from World Cup Round 4: Tiebreaks Recap Stream [07-24-2021]

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  1. I memorized games and have improved greatly.

  2. This advice helped me a lot and my ELO is slowly improving … thanks Ben!

  3. Christ my quantum class was easier to understand than my own mind when I play the botez gambit.

  4. I’m 1200 and for some reason I emulate the super-GMs that if I blunder a knight or bishop I resign, as if my opponent cannot later blunder a similar piece. As if we play such perfect chess that being down a minor piece spells certain doom. But really I’m just frustrate with how dumb I am and need to fight back.

  5. I used to be around a 1000 elo. Now I dropped to even 700 elo. It's really frustrating. Like how does that happen?

  6. I watched about 45 seconds of this guy before I knew I couldn't stand him

  7. I needed this channel…I need cold hard advice

  8. I used to see this all the time…guys playing blitz and they kept making the same mistakes over and over… week after week, month after month, year after year!

  9. I wish he'd spent more time talking about more concrete examples of not visualising or rushing or something instead of repeating the same thing over and over

  10. Why are you eating and drinking while streaming, i mean you have all the right to do so, but while viewer’s wait for you to chew your food , it is demeaning to the audience in general. Atleast in some culture. No offence.

  11. I love how in this serious discussion of why I’m ass at chess every once in a while Ben takes a drink and goes “NOM”

  12. im seeing this years later thank you daddy it helped me a lot

  13. I've been at 1200 level for the longest time, and finally after listening, I am now around 1100 levels. Definitely changed me!

  14. 11:21 “my dog ate my chessboard”, I swear twitch chat is fucking hilarious

  15. That's my problem. I don't think about what my opponent is doing

  16. i was 1200 before i even started to play chess, just using my own simple calculations, here i am 15 years later, hundreds hours of gms vids and their academies, over 50k games played, still 1200

  17. disrespect, disgusting behavior to talk with a full mouth, I couldn't watch more than 30 seconds

  18. That poker comment was spot on… But you gotta love people that have that mentality, its how you get paid

  19. I've saved this video on the top of my chess playlist

  20. Eating on camera is horrible dude. Don't do that

  21. Bla bla bla, you're so bad, bla bla bla, you blunder, bla bla bla, NNNUUMMM, bla, bla, poker, bridge pool, bla bla.
    What a time waste.

  22. "If Magnus was Magnus….which he is….."
    Words of wisdom!!!!!

  23. I'll be real. I don't get any better because I do not have the intellectual discipline to actively think about positions every turn. The autopilot is on and he has a bad memory coupled with poor peripheral vision. Just using a basic SWOT every turn and remembering past errors and games, as well as looking at the whole board will get you to 2000 plus. I also get worse when I go months without playing or thinking about chess. You are what you think and the methods for how you, think determine your effectiveness.

    Edit: Having game plans after that sends you over the top.

  24. Ben litterally doesnt make any sense in half the shit he says… learning chess is all about commitment. When you make a mistake it will be imprinted in your memory, and maybe you will forget, but if you make that mistake enough times, your pattern recognition / muscle memory will remember for you

    And also going for crazy plays where you sacrifice stuff will also help you learn what works and when it works.

  25. Great advice, I see the mindset he described all the time. People think there is a shortcut to mastery. Most people try the shortcutting that is why they are most people

  26. Great video. Being new to chess, I have discovered that many people are guilty of valuing ELO rating over getting better. Good to know where the priorities are from the jump. I would get frustrated over losing ELO. So, I am very guilty of being an ELO guy

  27. Before I start watching, is it because I'm stupid?

  28. Main reason why people don't get better at chess is because they are stupid.

  29. Magnus blamed his opponent wearing a watch. In that moment he was just like the rest of us.

  30. what if you are wild, but you channel that energy into becoming a great attacker? You attack attack attack, but you make sound attacks that coordinate with all your pieces and an overall plan? Sometimes it won't work out, still, but you are tapping into your nature for wanting to be wild by learning how to make all out purposeful strategically driven attacks. Attacking becomes your strategy, tactics become your tool to get there. maybe that is a good way to be wild. it could be better than being wild blindly.

  31. Basically this video says: the reason you re not improving is cause you re not good. Thanks. I knew that. How not to blunder is the question.

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