The Truth About Game Review

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  1. Yes, please do more. Maybe not your own games, but subscribers games at different ELOs, and maybe 15 or 30 minute games. This is the second time I've watched this video and I learned things I missed earlier.

  2. please do more game review videos! still don't get how to learn with game review…

  3. Game review requires premium, is there a way to review for free??

  4. Speaking on behalf of the whole francophone chess community, I would like EVERYone to pay attention to the pronunciation of 'en passant' at 14:52. This is the right way to say it.

  5. Im 518 elo but i win agains your bot im gut but i play not agains real guys

  6. Imagine how surprised this guy got when he matched with gotham chess himself

  7. Game review is good when it says my estimated elo is 2000 elo and bad when it says im 100 elo

  8. Levy, I enjoyed this video very much . I am ALWAYS looking to see the review and where I went wrong as well as good moves I made ,too {and of course a brilliant one, once in a while! }.These kind of videos are so HELPFUL as I am learning all the time.

  9. Don’t you dare take away my one brilliant move Levy!! It’s accurate!

  10. Game Review would be better if it were calibrated to the actual players' playing strength (in my case, the 1200s). It will mark something as a miss if I overlooked a chance to win a knight five moves ahead. Then, it will mark my next move as a miss too — because I once again failed to jump on that tricky knight-winning opportunity, and of course my opponent, equally oblivious to the (non-) danger didn't do anything about it. Meanwhile, I've been playing moves that, to the engine, don't look like anything, but against my equally inept opponent become a win for me.

  11. 4:25 I see checkmate in 3 for black Qe7, Qc7, Bh1(kill the horse tho)

  12. 4:12

    Qe5 then Qh2 is a win for black innit?

    (if iam not wrong)

  13. I just looked at a game review, and it told me I was going to lose a bishop when in fact none of my bishops were threatened, and it was actually my opponent's pawn threatening my knight. It also told me to trade a bishop in exchange for a pawn and getting me checkmated.

  14. I always game review and learn the best moves and it said I played like a 2350(my rating is know 2220 at rapid!)

  15. do you pay for platinum 😢 because the game reciew is not available to free loaders 😅😢

  16. Pov: you randomly play a game with random opponent and then your opponent is IM GothamChess

  17. You are terrific, I'm so glad you make these videos

  18. This is the best video iv seen of you in my opinion. Learned a lot and was wntertained

  19. Honestly tho. This is why I love Gotham chess as a content creator. Tons of bullshit for the few amazing videos that helped me improve from 800-1300 ELO in the period of 2-3 months of being stuck there for a while

  20. The fact that get out of hear was the most viewed part😭

  21. Wins game of Chess v 2579
    Levi: “Obviously that was very bad”

  22. Thank you! It would be great to see game review applied to subscriber games. Please walk us through game review control

  23. but the horsey was hanging during queen exchange ( I'm not sure about that really)

  24. Levy, please do more of these game review videos. This is good stuff.

  25. The first game transposed into the Trompowski; sort of.

  26. WOW! This shows just how much more forethought and Strategy level 2500 players are capable of. 👏 WOW. ~ Sincerely, and horribly discouraged 900 level player

  27. at 1:45 why take the knight with the d pawn, opening your kings file over the B file?

  28. Did everyone MISS the fact that the thumbnail has 69!! Brilliant moves?

  29. Your thumbnails make me not want to click

  30. Thanks for the lesson. Learned more than I thought I knew about game review.

  31. Very helpful! Please do more of this. Going more slowly through the tools (Openings, Analysis) would be very useful to me, and probably others. Thank you!

  32. One time Stockfish said that forking a queen and a king was a weaker move than forking a king and a pawn. Seriously?? There weren’t even any threats!

  33. Loved it but slower would be good
    You need two channels
    This and a more beginner one

  34. I loved this video…it was very helpful for me…thank you!

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