The Worst Chess Game Mathematically Possible

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  1. Wait, if concedes were allowed, and black and white both tried to quit simultaneously, what would happen?

  2. How did you get a recording of me stalker

  3. Is this the worst game possible though? If the goal is to play bad moves, this surely isn't the optimal line, as it doesn't account for the opponent trying to weaken their position.

  4. "Queen is untouchable, black can't touch white's queen"
    -GothamChess, 2023

  5. Did you mean to say "You are programed to lose.".
    Just a question.

  6. If 2 players actually played a game like this, what would their elos be?

  7. I like how in the end, stockfish was suggesting mates in 45s and 50s 💀

  8. Took me until the very end of the video to figure out the premise that Stockfish was LITERALLY programmed to make the worst move possible!. Really wish you'd said it 140 more times so that I hadn't missed that 🙁

  9. “Who’s there!? I’ve got a queen, and I’m not afraid to hang myself!”

  10. This is why accordion musicians are bad chess players. They just can’t resist playing with the engine bar.

  11. guys, the new way to generate a sine function just dropped

  12. This dude looks like one of the NPCs in my dreams

  13. I'd be interested in a match of "least helpful moves"
    As in: both sides choose moves that increase their chance by as little as possible

  14. Ah the worst game possible wait till u see mine

  15. When both players are threatened to lose the game "or else"

  16. Now i want to see the best mathimatically

  17. Yeah, I guess, Stockfish had a couple mouseslips, right?

  18. I died at “this game had FIVE promotions to knights”

  19. I hope there's a Stockfish (-3700) vs. Martin. A true battle of Titans.

  20. It needs to try to create like, an inverted zugzwang where the opponent ONLY has good moves available.

  21. I've mated a friend with 3 knights in a correspondence game and it was awesome. I only did that because he refused to resign a completely lost position and I got annoyed.

  22. Bro that bar me rising and dropping like the stock market

  23. i thought the whole point of chess was the make the evaluation graph look like some kind of zebra comb

  24. Is there a word to describe something that is hilarious, yet simultaneously infuriating?

  25. 15:18
    Stockfish: plays the most deadass goobster opening
    Also Stockfish: Oh btw if you do this and that, it's Mate in 40 🤓☝️

  26. Waaaaiit how did you find my chess game????

  27. This is just infuriating in a primal sort of way. Im just screaming at my TV. I love it so much

  28. h3 is the worst:blocks the knight and no new movement (im like 1300 elo)

  29. A position from this game would make a HILARIOUS april fools daily puzzle.

  30. if you feel like a bad chess player, remember this game.

  31. This means white has a mathematical disadvantage

  32. interesting, they preferred hanging M1 to forcing a -9 queen capture, i guess its a side effect of avoiding draws

  33. 8:40 gotham my elo is fricking 600 how tf i see a mate in 10 while i bully my opponent to accident stealmate

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