This Chess Game Almost KILLED Me

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  1. Can someone explain how they are Gm’s at that ELO?

  2. Why was this wrong 5:47? If the rook takes, then you can take the rook at the corner with the queen. If the rook takes the bishop after that move, you take the knight with the queen (Im not going against anything good sir Gotham said im just simply asking a question) (Also cant white just cover the check with the queen at 6:57?)

  3. 0:44 this flag is actually the abkhasian flag (a region in georgia [the country] claiming independence)

  4. 0:46 that doesn't look like the togo flag, it looks more like the flag of Abkhazia

  5. Good sir, I want you to know, that this flag of "Kosovo" is actually flag of Abkhazia, separate region in Georgia

  6. Isn't Nc7 just a trade since the rook doesn't defend the knight on g8 anymore?

  7. I'm new to chess, why can't white play Qd1 at 7:24 to guard the Rook?

  8. 15:32 I mean black is now literally in a zugzwang because you can either move the bishop and lose the c pawn or move the king and lose the bishop or move the pawn which I’m pretty sure is the best move because it doesn’t hang anything and continues with the draw instead of losing. And I really can’t blame black because that’s about the best thing they can do.

  9. 7:00 You actually blunder only one rook because qd1 blocks the check.

  10. It's very interesting how games played by low rated and high rated players both tend to end in a draw, the former group bc they don't know how to win and/or prevent stalemate/repetition issues, and the latter one bc they're too good at preventing their opponent from winning. When you're in the middle it's a lot harder to get a draw…

  11. Qb1 is evidence that this game is fake. And then to not even take the queen? No way anyone plays that way at that elo.

  12. It’s hard to take Levy seriously when you see how he got his butt kicked by Kiborg95 and StellarChess HARD when he tried and failed to properly use the Lion Defense.If you can’t even properly use the Lion Defense is it fair to criticize others?Like how can he be criticizing other players when he himself is always getting spanked? 🤔

  13. That means that arli and Mick were the criminials

  14. The first time I hear an American person make an English accent.😮

  15. Fun fact, Arli's flag is actually Abkhazia, an unrecognised country, just like Kosovo. There are some slight differences between its flag and Togo's like the colour of the stripes, size of the red square, etc.Sorry I felt like nerding out

  16. Arli has the abkhazia flag instead of the kosovo flag

  17. 3:30 As a 800 I love me a fried liver. How ever Queen before king checks then move rook then you wasted a fried liver. So sad.

  18. this game was only a draw because it's not possible for both players to lose

  19. I am 650 for blitz and I think i could beat these to.

  20. I think levy started clickbaiting ironically, then his viewership increased and now he’s just seeing how far he can push if

  21. the Togo empire invaded Kosovo and this is how i find out?

  22. Where the fuck are these people when I’m trying to play at elo 1000

  23. How are they 1000 elo is my question here.

  24. I must really suck at chess if two 1000 players can play this terribly but I get destroyed by a 150


  26. Bobby fisher been real quiet since this game dropped

  27. “Black, who is now in a comfortable position of attack, strength and power, and we stay hungry, and we devour” 💀 12:12

  28. This game has to be satire bro after that queen move and him not taking the queen with the rook lmaooo

  29. ayo can someone tell me the email of gothamchess

  30. The thing is levy physically can't watch a perfectly equal game because he'll flatline with the eval graph

  31. Am I the only one pissed off he said the flag of Abkhazia was the flag of Togo?

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