This One was Rough… | National Open Chess Analysis #3

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  1. It's scary how psychology is a factor. Kudos to you for sharing your painful moments. Far too often I try to forget my losses and move on, but I know that's just bad. No learning and no facing the trauma.

  2. the endgames giveth, and the endgames taketh away. also, time trouble is a hell of a drug

  3. Rook and pawn endgames 😵 Definitely would have helped if you handled the opening quicker but still complex in the end.

  4. Got the result spoiled by the vlog upload, but watching anyway for 100% neurotypical representation

  5. Tough endgame for sure but as you rightly said, why did you push for a win when he was strong and had a lot more time than you

    Just gotta make the boring/practical decision sometimes! That’s chess and that’s okay

  6. I sat diagonally to your right in this round. When my game ended, your position was at around 21:30. I figured you would win one way or another, but I did not know you were in such time pressure (your clock was facing away from me).
    Instead of apologizing, your opponent should have sang Closer to the Edge (30 seconds to Mars). "No I'm not say~~~ing I'm so~~~rry. One da~~~y, maybe we'll me~~~et again."

  7. Lesson: dont think and never play for a win…. or smth like that.

  8. Move 11, you might have been thinking Rc8? That's what I was considering apart from Be7. further controlling the c4 square and getting the rook on the half open line.

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