Thoughts on andrew tate’s chess?


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  1. What is the name of this software? Is it available on pc?

  2. so i’m not a chess player but i know if a pawn gets to the other players side then it becomes a rook,knight,etc but if a queen reaches their side, does anything happen?

  3. He Had A Hiding Space, But He Decided For A Sacrifice.

  4. I apologize for disliking the video I'm trying to get away from Andrew Tate content

  5. It can go both ways when his queen dies its either “oh well i dont need here anyway” or “oh well i have 50 irl and i can make more”

  6. Don't know about Tate but his opponent was not even 600elo

  7. Nah, andrew tate's opponent threw lol. Like what was he even doing?

  8. Sometimes you have to sacrifice the queen to win.

  9. why cover what a monster does ? like we don't care of this subhuman

  10. When Andrew Tate realized That chess have a Queen

  11. Bro he must've just played an 800 or something cause that was some shyte chess

  12. His opponent can sv
    Save His life to get the that white thing on left side

  13. He didn’t expose the opponents king, the opponent exposed it themselves lmao

  14. I've seen 4 different channels covering this, one says Andrew destroyed his opponent, this one says it was a close game, number 3 said Andrew sucks at chess and the last one just covered his opponents moves.

  15. Enter Gotham chess

  16. Andrew tate vs magnus will be the best game

  17. That is called queens gambit he did the tactic and no it was not a close one

  18. I think hes tryna replicate emorys aggressive playstyle but cant,but still manages to win

  19. The people that played this seem like they just learned how the pieces moved

  20. can someone say me what chess
    game this is

  21. «Andrew Tate losing his queen» Everyone: THIS IS PROOF HE IS A MYSOGYNIST AND HE HATES WOMEN

  22. Black had no pieces developed, couldn't castle and even if he could it would be useless as he had no cover for the king and down pieced while being in the constant threat of mate and some of you are so damn bad at chess that you were calling that a winning position for Tate? I understand not all know how to play chess, but if you don't, do not talk about who was winning

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