Tips for Analyzing your Chess Games

In this video, I answer a viewer question and provide some practical tips for saving and analyzing your chess games using

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  1. Ive a Question, how do you make arrows etc. on the board in other Colors than green…

  2. This was very useful, thank you Eric, you are awesome!
    God bless you!

  3. i found this very useful! i’ve just recently started analyzing my games games on my own in hopes to learn and improve so these were amazingly timed tips thank you!

  4. my games' graphs look like sin(x)

  5. Very interesting. Would love to see more.

    I always you the computer analysis function on lichess after some interesting games. But like the viewers of the stream, some of the mistakes the computer finds are a littble bit over my head. Regarding the engine-free analysis of my games, I feel like I lack the knowledge to identify key mistakes (or else, I would have avoided them in the first place, no?)

  6. No mention of botez? Perhaps he's getting over his crush?

  7. This was awesome! I've always followed your games here but never on twitch; it's just easier to watch here on my own time.

    I've never quite gotten how I can improve my game, although when I watch your games everything you do and say makes so much sense, it somehow never occurs to me when I'm playing.

    So I really appreciate the video. I'd hope that you'd share more educational content with us as you're super good at it!

    Thanks again; keep up the great games!

  8. Eric: "go through the game and comment what was going through your mind"
    Me: loses material
    also Me: "oh didn't see that"

  9. Would like to see you analyse one of your recent serious games and see how you identify areas of improvement.

  10. Great video!
    My other reccomendations:
    1. Books for ~1600 players to read to improve
    2. Ponziani opening with a few lines
    3. London middlegame plans for white
    Thanks again and have a great day 😀

  11. Can you explain how to sensibly understand games with extensive side lines shown? I normally get bogged down in the confusing-ness?

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  13. Thank you Im not always on twitch but I check out all of your yt content at my free time

  14. I'd love to see you commentate famous games, like that karpov game you briefly looked at. Id find that to be very educational and very entertaining.

  15. I am a future person who found this helpful

  16. Can someone tell me if there is an app or website that lets me do this:
    I want to be able to complete a game against a computer, but then go back and restart the game from a certain position (in the middle of the game) and play a different move and have the game continue from that new move.

  17. Need more videos like these, which teaches something to the subscribers, instead of plain blitz action 🙂

  18. This was very helpful. If you're taking suggestions, I would like a short introduction on how to study openings effectively.

  19. Yes, this was very valuable for me. More teaching videos like this would be greatly appreciated!

  20. Thanks eric great video I hope to use your tips to improve my chess analysis

  21. I know you've done 1-off versions where you record your students' training sessions but it would be great if you had a recurring segment of this type. Diving into someone's game(s) using the methods you described here and showing it in practice.

    That would definitely help me build a better understanding of how to do deeper analyses.

  22. Screw analyses, more 1-minute simuls! 😉

  23. Thanks for answering my question in twitch chat. Much appreciated!

  24. RageAgainstTheMachine RageAgainstTheMachine says:


  25. This was great. There’s a ton I don’t understand about lichess, all the features & what they do. It was great when you took us through the study. This is not as strictly chess oriented as much as helping us understand the tools. I, for one, would love more of it.

  26. "oponnent" sorry I just felt the need to comment this hehe

  27. Thanks for all the great uploads! Any videos on utilizing Chessbase would be helpful as it seems there is quite a steep learning curve…

  28. Eric, would you consider doing a stream where subbers can post a game they recently played and then you analyze it on stream?

  29. That is propably the video of yours that has improved my chess the most until now. It is really awesome that you keep giving that great lessons for free to YouTube and help people create a plan how to approach difficult tasks like game analysis without an engine.


  30. Thank you for this video. Yours tips are very useful!

  31. Eric, what does the telephone icon mean?

  32. Hubner once recommended one analyse each of one's games for a hundred hours. I enjoy analysing my game much more with a physical board than if I use the computer and feel I learn much more. What do you think of both these statements please? I'd rather use the computer either never or after I've done absolutely all I can on my own, but this may be a mistaken approach. Thank you.

  33. Can the analysis tool be used on the app, either in the mobile or tablet version?

  34. Love your content I love the live lessons that you post very instructional it would be Interesting for me to see you react or break down a lesson video from another content creator

  35. Are these features available on lichess mobile too?

  36. what is this interface or program you are using? is this just the website?

  37. Really appreciate these type of videos. As an beginner who has an hour a day, what would be your suggestions for ways to enjoy/practice?

  38. i just started playing and use lichess and was trying to figure out how to do it and this helped a lot… hurt the ego seeing all those blenders.. but still helped xD

  39. when botez just subscibed then the game turned out to be a botez gambit and it ended with a beautiful double checkmate…. what a great turnout of events

  40. 1.e4
    Engine: holy shit this dude lmfao, he played e4 tgats the biggest inaccuracy I've seen today, you had forced mate in 42 if you played 1.a3, dumbass

  41. Hi, Eric!

    I don't know if you read new comments on old videos but I would love to see you covering two topics:

    1. How to create a color system for arrows and markers on studies (would be fitting since you are the king of arrows on thumbnails);
    2. How to analyze and go through games from GM's when studying, like you did with the Kasparov game on this video.

    Thanks for the content <3

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