Tips for Analyzing your Chess Games

In this video, I answer a viewer question and provide some practical tips for saving and analyzing your chess games using

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  1. Watching this in 2024! Awesome resource to improving my game as a beginner. Thanks Eric!

  2. Feel like software devs are missing the opportunity of making a solid free game review. It might make Cc up their game if there was free alternatives for their most useful feature(imo). If there was a free app, could have reasonable amount of ads nobody would care, and it did everything Cc game review did it would be successful. I know lichess is free, but its not nearly as intuitive and easy to understand as Cc game review

  3. Thanks for this video … I am a lowly rated player looking for how to improve my rating … I obviously make many blunders over the course of a few dozen games … my goal next is to focus just on blunders to find out how they happen and what I need to do to eliminate them … this video addresses that and gives me a direction to start my studies … I don't currently use Lichess for studies so I'll look into that as a tool … thanks again … anything else along these lines would be great …

  4. Yo Eric can u do video going VERY in depth for ruy lopez? I've recently moved to openings because I believe my endgame is good enough and I can't find a solid source for the opening. Like 20 moves into the game?

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