Top 9 Chess Trap HERRSTROM GAMBIT | Chess analysis

Top 9 Chess Trap HERRSTROM GAMBIT | Chess analysis.

In this video, the HERRSTROM GAMBIT chess trap is one of the traps that attacks using pawns at the start of the game. This chess trap is perfect for people who like to play GAMBIT.

Halo chess lover..!!

In Chess Trap Laroche Gambit is indeed extraordinary, where in Chess Trap many things happen in the middle of the game that are very difficult to predict, such as Black doing the best move and Diamond’s move.

As a short, solid and clear learning media.

My hopes for this video are:

1. As a learning medium to improve chess playing skills both from the basic level and the Master level

2. Mastery of Chess Techniques

3. Creating Strong and Reliable Chesser

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  1. Great video…looking forward to watching the Charlick Gambit video soon as well.

  2. Akhirnya kutemukan juga canel catur yang kucari cari selama ini, yaitu cara menghadapi opening reti. Terima kasih atas ilmunya, semoga canel ini jaya selalu dan bertambah sucbribernya.

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