UNFILTERED Super Grandmaster Chess Analysis

We filmed two super grandmasters (average Fide rating: ca. 2725) while analysing their game.
In this video you get an unfiltered impression of how grandmasters think in chess.

Special thanks to Levon Aronian and Yuriy Kryvoruchko who agreed in publishing this video.

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  1. Levon Aronian plays today against world champion Magnus Carlsen in round 1 of Norway Chess 2020.

  2. Glad to see a Real and unfiltered chess analysis between two 2700+ chess professionals! Real gem. 🔥

  3. Is there no covid 19 spreading. Where this tournament happening?

  4. Thanks for filming from a good angle so we can follow, no real need for a 2D board.

  5. Nice video.Aronian the best!💪💪 greetings from Italy 🇮🇹

  6. Great idea for a new video format. Relaxed pleasant atmosphere during the analysis. Rare shot, good stuff!

  7. Nette Sache, so eine "ungefilterte" GM-Analyse. Thank's 👍!

  8. I dint know why, but is a little bit like ASMR to me

  9. Honestly grenke broadcasting team is the best they should do more chess events

  10. ever since the analysis of peter leko video I have been a huge fan of this production team. The best, no doubt

  11. Schönes Video! Könnt Ihr mir sagen, welche Figuren bei dem Turnier benutzt werden?

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