Using Analysis Board With Stockfish Engine Vice President Danny Rensch explains how quickly analyze your games with Stockfish on

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  1. which chess players admitted using (now stockfish) or previously the deep blue as instrument analysis or getting inspired by a good move eventhough its an algorithm? (like i can vaguely assume Kasparov, since he got defeated he mustve then sometimes or once used it, in an honest way as I said b4 only to expand a way to look at a problem. Like I know I sound like I forsure can come accross as an avid user of stockfish or any similar program|algorithme. bruh did I just made an algorithme yes I did but when I copy and paste this question in google I luckily get this video on page 1, but is there also an exact video or an mention/explaination to my question?

  2. I can use this gui on my pc epic cluster 256 threads.?

  3. I heard about the match about Hikaru and Magnus on the 27th of October. Good luck for them!

  4. Analysis is still limited to one game per week for free accounts right?

  5. that was awsome i learned alot im 9 in a half thats my grandma

  6. This explains nothing on how to learn from the analysis, it just shows you that its possible

  7. Are those plus or minus signs in front of the numbers? I can't tell, they're so small.

  8. Great and useful video. I'm a new user, nonpremium. I enjoy all the amazing features BUT usually after about 4 or 6 moves, whether in game analysis, setup or anything, stockfish stops showing more moves; it just has like a blinking X displayed on each line (e.g. visually looks like / then repeatedly flashing back and forth every quarter second). So I have 9 flashing X's on the left edge but everything else is blank (gray). I have 9 lines, high depth set. Windows 7 desktop, IE 11, fast i7 CPU.

    It doesn't always happen, but routinely does after a few moves. The first few moves show 9 lines of whirlwind evaluation, quickly moving through depths. Then, just X's where the analysis scores should appear.

    This even happens after M5. I'll click a pair of moves, and I see Mate in 4 on the upper right, but that's all I can see except the X's, down to stockfish.js 8 on the pause line. Pausing doesn't help.

  9. Who came up with this clunky method of analyzing your own game? Over on Lichess you finish a blitz game, click analyze and off you go, move by move. Here you have do go to download, save, copy, paste etc. Seems like someone went out of their way to make it cumbersome and non-intuitive.

  10. The game crashes whenever computer vs computer runs for iOS and the board resets every time I rotate the screen for the android version

  11. at 1:49 he says "Black is much better now" …but how do we determine that? what is telling us Black is better now? all i see are multiple lines of positions scrolling across the screen? he demonstrates the Analyzer as though we already know how it works. grrrr

  12. Can be play against stockfish 11 or leela zero in laptop. If yes how it is possible pls tell🙏

  13. after the match is says "blunder", "mistake", and "missed win" how do I specifically check those move that the game said I could have won or I blundered a piece

  14. what a lousy tutorial skips over some important steps. rensch is annoying, so maybe i'm biased.

  15. Thank you, I stand corrected. I have learned how to use the analysis and it's pretty good

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