Using How To Invite Students to Analysis Boards Vice President Danny Rensch shows how to invite people to an Analysis Board for coaching, studying and training.

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  1. i couldnot find the livechess where is it, the interface seems to be different

  2. why is it so difficult to use the analysis board with friends. so absurdly stupid.

  3. I am complaining about this issue more than a year. We can't chat while watching other people play both on android and iOS app. Please fix it

  4. I have a Gold Membership. It appears this isn't usable unless you have a Platinum or Diamond membership. This is really unfair. As with analysis and lessons, I can understand limiting full access to this for higher level memberships, but I just want to help my mom learn how to play chess. With Gold membership, I should be able to do this either with limited tools, or a few times a week. I'm pretty upset that I can't do this at all.

  5. How do you open a shared analysis board with new website GUI? I'm unable to find a similar option

  6. My friends dont receive an Invitation…. Can someone help me maybe?

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