Using Live Analysis Coaching Tool Vice President Danny Rensch explains how to give chess lessons, provide online chess coaching, use the live analysis board and host analysis for chesstv shows and videos on’s live server.

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  1. You need to make your site more modern and user friendly, or Lichess will over take you.

    The menu buttons are a mess and when you play a game the board is small and to the side, compared to Lichess which is vibrant and right in the middle.

  2. A very handy tool, I will likely be using it during the summer with friends to explore games and openings

  3. is there a particular reason why the paste pgn window is so tiny?
    i mean…the stuff in the back gets all dark anyways…wouldnt it be more sensible to make it nearly the whole screen since anything else becomes irrelevant during the process of pasting anyways?

  4. I probably missed it but which of the features shown in this video are available for free vs premium. Thanks.

  5. I dont have three check, crazyhause, king of the Hill modes; why? ;/

  6. Whenever I load another game from my archive in the analysis board room, I have to invite my student again each time. How do I keep my student in the analysis board room when I load a new game from the archive?

  7. Great posting thanks! I have a question regarding the circle arrow. In this video, it's explained that pressing that button takes you back to the last loaded PGN. However, on my interface, hovering over it labels it as 'Reset Board', which is what it does: takes you back to chess' start position. Therefore, the goal of not losing your analysis from the PGN is not achieved. Can someone please advise how I can have my settings changed to 'Reload Board' and keep the PGN information safe?


  9. I am able to draw arrows in the analysis board, but not during a game so tell me that how to draw arrows while playing am game.

  10. Can you do them in online games. It would be good tool to predict further in 30 min game.

  11. Thanks Danny, I start teaching my cousin recently and this is perfect for us.

  12. Thank you very much for a great video! My stundent cant see the invite I am sending – could you add a comment or a screen shot stating where they need to click to get in ? 🙂

  13. Your servers are absolutly terrible, such a shame to make people pay to access your shity services. 100 % American work. Stupid ass crooked ass voice guy work… piece of shit.

  14. Help i can’t make lines by holding right click and moving to where i want the line to be

  15. my screen isn't set up this way. I have my tabs on the left. When I enter the "live chess arena" – there is no board type option on my screen. Help!

  16. White guy said he can't think of any reason why you'd want to give black move odds. My colored ass always wanting to play as black and to go first now broken 🙁

  17. my friends asked me to teach them chess recently and thats exactly the tool I was looking for

  18. This is a great feature, will it be added to the App?

  19. Do you habe to pay to be able to invite people to the analysis board?

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