Using Self-Analysis of Chess Games Using Game Report

Watch this video first:’s Danny Rensch shows the details of the Game Report tool, as well as how start a “Self-Analysis” session and make your own comments, before saving and sharing your PGNs.

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  1. I agree with everything he says brilliant 😊

  2. I was using this tool for a tournament last weekend. I feel dumb asking this, but is there a ‘flip board’ button for my black games?

  3. Yup. Something's very weird with the audio. It's like the phase is inverted in one of the channels ore something of that sort.

  4. come on atleast give the half depth analysis for Free, or atleas have better plans for people who arent serious but want to play chess.

  5. Welcome to! Poker Training & More. says:

    i have yet to see a video on analyzing what the computer says are mistakes and blunders and what i shouldve played instead. thats most important for us newbies that want to catch obvious blunders for now

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