Vishy Anand on Chess CHEATING SCANDAL by Hans Niemann and Magnus Carlsen


  1. To hell with Carlsen. He can't win always. Nobody is perpetual winner

  2. Vishy is the type of gentleman who actually gave the benifit of the doubt to Nikhil Kammat ( founder of Zerodha) who used stockfish to beat him in an online event. He is too trusting.

  3. I'm so sick of this trend of accelerating videos. I want to listen to a human being talk. My attention span is longer than 5 seconds so I can take it at normal speed. Thanks.

  4. Veni, vidi, fishy, Vishy?
    There are serious doubts, but as soon as not proven …

  5. He's right. In the end, Hans cheated online, but probably not OTB. The game against Carlsen didn't look suspiciuous at all. Carlsen just cracked.

  6. Carlsen has proven and exposed himself as a pathetic crybaby and sore loser. There is no proof Nieman cheated. He was scanned and on camera and there is nothing in the game (that Magus played badly) that would indicate computer chess. Carlsen is disgusting,

  7. Who can agree that Carlsen should apologize and face sanctions if he is found out to have accused Hans wrongly, simply out of bitterness at losing and trashtalk.

  8. "If you can't prove it, keep your mouth shut" 👍

  9. You can say he smelled something Vishy 🤣

  10. i still dont believe Moke cheated in rated game against carlsen

  11. 100 l% acurancy in several games. Bobby Fischer in his best had done none.

  12. I watched every game hans was cheating if u beat Magnus cleary ur rank must be in top 10..

  13. still no evidence against Niemann cheating that game, yet people act like it's proven. i thought chess community is better than that.

  14. Well said… When you don't have proof, don't go around throwing accusations… The world might have just lost a genius chess player because of an egotistical knowitall

  15. I wish in my life time i get the opportunity to talk to vishy so respectful and charismatic

  16. After seeing Fabi has 1 game at 100% accuracy, and like a few at 95% vs Nieman having 9+ at 100%, it's pretty clear Hans was cheating. How he did it, I don't know.

  17. Its pretty obvious Hans cheated….even magnus have so many proofs….one of the proof is that he checked hans but with his tongue and found a chip. Its pretty obvious…. Hans should be banned.

  18. Am I being naive in saying that – 'Vishy has always been jealous of Magnus'. Whenever in past, talking about Magnus, 100 or 1000 times, a genius can clearly smell his envious nature towards Magnus in vishy's every single speech. My words could seriously hurt vishy fans but we all know it's true.

  19. so people say he cheated twice, he just got caught twice. He must have cheated more often. so that his rating increases faster. So that he plays where money is at stake. interestingly, did he cheat where he won money?

  20. i dont think neiman was cheating at all in that game

  21. Magnus simply can't digest losing the way it happened against Niemens

  22. Hans probably cheated online early on to get his rating up No way he cheated over the board Vs Magnus , Magnus made some poorer moves in that game , and nothing in game looks like stockfish Magnus just threw the game at the end

  23. this was the only best stance to have about this issue

  24. Yes, Anand they are paranoid and sore losers.

  25. Everything he's saying is objectively true and all, but if he were in Magnus' shoes he'd also be upset and perhaps even vocal if he suspected unfair play.

  26. and the list of paranoid colleagues is growing up with Kramnik. What about tthat Vishy?

  27. Thats the dumbest thing ive ever heard. If you think someone is cheating you should be able to express it so you can find proof..

  28. What I can not prove i am better to keep my mouth shut FACTS!!!!

  29. Thing is cheating does not means getting your moves given by stockfish. The trendy way of cheating and easier in technical sense is to have computer eval of your positions. So people liquidating to a draw and Niemann is not can simply be because he knew exactly the eval bar. What people might forgot that Magnus said that he knew of Niemann rep and has already played him casually on the beach and knew his strength and what level he played when he didn’t cheat. So Magnus already fed up by that point hence the throw.

  30. Man who has admitted to cheating in the past is shocked that people accuse him of cheating after he beats world champion.
    More news at 10

  31. Completely right – the current father of chess speaks wisdom

  32. All of the young Super GMs are incredibly lucky to grow up with Vishy in their circle. He is full of great insight.

  33. it’s hard to say, statistical analysis from youtubers says yes and he played several tournaments like the best player in history. at the end of the day all the evidence comes from youtube and all we know for sure is he cheated regularly in online events.

  34. He was referring to a refereeing travesty where Chelsea was disenfranchised by a series of terrible decisions. Mourinho could not speak because he would get in big trouble. Magnus just cares heavily about football and was support the great CFC. It had nothing to do with Chess.

  35. He's a class apart!! Will remain so…

  36. No one accused anyone of cheating. Magnus said he was distracted by his opponent wearing a watch that usually isn’t allowed.

  37. If you cheat and get away with it in chess, than your ability to cheat/source is better than the best chess player in the world. This is called magic according to Carl Sagan. We believe in what can’t be explained as magic or voodoo. Pinch to zoom is a pragmatic example in technology. Or David Blaine doing some stupid shite… 🤩😬

    The way around this is to have a 2 way mirror audience in a white room devoid of cognition and become a neutral environment where cheating could not exist.

    A white room just means any venue where there’s no audience or anything that could relay messages to the cheater.

    It isn’t really cheating if you get away with it, is it? It just means you’ve beaten the best player in the world and duped the whole planet. That’s an accomplishment that can’t be duplicated. Only DeepMind by Google could consistently beat Magnus every game.

    GM: If I can not win;

    I will draw.
    I will waste his time down.
    I will sacrifice.
    Losing is not an option.

  38. There's more to it than him just beating Magnus. He lost a couple of times before and after that game to other people. Instances of him making bad moves and then the "best"moves.

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