What Hans Niemann Interviews Are Like #chess #shorts

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  1. Hans is a breath of fresh air compared to the impotent, robot, snooze fest that modern chess has become.

  2. the amount of braincells i lost from reading hans hater comments, preserve your sanity and dont read or respond to it, just as advice

  3. Hans is box office…whether intentional or not…He’s a massive character and the chess world is all the better for him.

  4. "Chess speaks for itself" means "I cheated and want an excuse not to have to explain the game." Now he just says it regularly to try and cover himself.

  5. Interesting how Hans’ aggressive chess playing style, has translated to an extremely defensive PR style… 😀

  6. Hans has played it very well. It's more obvious than ever that he's cheating now whenever he can, but after the legal action he took last time no one's daring to say anything.

  7. Hans does very well in tournaments with little/no anti-cheating measures and in online tournaments (like a couple of days ago) where it's much easier to cheat, and plays like an average GM everywhere else (like in recent Tata Steel Masters).

  8. How could you even cheat playing classical in-person chess without someone noticing? What could you even do?? It’d just be someone better than you helping you through an ear piece… I just don’t get it lol

  9. I am appalled at so many simpletons on here accusing someone of cheating without proofs, it is a disgrace.

  10. When Fabi speaks we listen🎉🎉🎉😊😊😊thus how much i love FC🎉🎉

  11. I also know why he did that… because he can't explain s**t.

  12. Recently in the Baku Open 5/3-5/13 of this year 2023 (classical tournament), Hans was the highest rated player in a field of 122 players at a fide of 2708. He finished in 54th place with a performance rating of 2545.

    The results speak for themselves.

  13. It’s kinda hard to explain a game you cheated in. That’s why he gave 0 explanation

  14. Anyone who defends Hans baffles me. His behavior is blatantly that of a cheater. Anyone with that childlike ego we have seen through his whole career would be eager to flaunt his prowess. But instead he flees an opportunity to display his genius. He has cheated before and he's cheating now. Any single aspect of the situation might be able to be dismissed, but the sum total of the factors leads to extreme suspicion. How can you seriously defend him. How can you say "there's no proof" when he may as well be writing "cheater" on his forehead on camera.

  15. Oh, My God!!! People are so gullible,
    bruh! it wasn't even proven that he cheated and here everyone is so keen on accusing him that he sure did.

  16. The guy is a grandmaster and one of the top 100 players in the world, even top 50 and top 30.
    Now he might be rude and doesn't want to entertain people by reciting the game but doing analysis at the level of 1800s can do is not something he can't do. He just doesn't want to do it.
    Any chess move, if "cheated" shall give a favorable positioning, and it's easy to see why. So to say he doesn't know how to analyze engine move , if his moves are engine move is ignorant.

  17. So did they ever find proof he cheated to defeat Magnus in that game that made him crack?

  18. Hans went from “late prodigy” to “cheater” to “chess speaks for itself” and eventually became “a meme about anal beads”

  19. it does not matter if he only cheated online it shows the will to cheat + otb cheating is a different thing way harder to get caught out even impossible sometimes

  20. chess people can be uppity. this happens all the time in sports for example.

    but whats funny is that by pulling these stunts in interviews, Hans actually generates far more publicity than a simple analysis would. we should be grateful!

  21. My reaction to this video will speak for itself

  22. I'm done talking about Hans lol, but Fabio seems like a down the earth nice guy! 😎🔥♟️

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