What’s A Grandmaster

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  1. So if my cousin is at 2300 and he's 18 does that mean he's a genius or smth

  2. Im 16 its been im playing chess for 6 month half of the road is done but i want to be an international master since it sounds cooler

  3. How do you become a chess Grandmaster ?
    Levy : no I didn't !

  4. Is it possible to become a grandmaster without Elo and just tournaments?

  5. Im 12 yr and my highest rating today is 1041 is it good for my age or bad?
    Rapid rating

  6. i am 14 and just staring to learn and i want to be an grandmaster i hope i ciund at least

  7. I thought you are Daniel Radcliffe.. Harry Potter

  8. there should be new title: Super GM, only for those over 2750-2800 ELO

  9. Can a person 47 years old, just leaning chess, achieve that title? Is that unrealistic? Should I retire to the hills to die in peace?😂

  10. If you wanna become a grandmaster and you're watching this and you're old, then tough luck

  11. Me searching how to become a grandmaster after stalemating Martin.

  12. that one 13 year old that is a GM and there's me a boomer who is blundering queens

  13. "How do you become a chess grandmaster?"
    Try asking someone who actually is to start.

  14. Being a GM in 20yrs old or more is impossible 😂 but CM NM FM are possible to a non rated players, thats easy if you are having alot of money, because you need to spend alot for nothing just only for taking a titled of CM NM or FM joined in any national on board tournament then paid your opponent for a Draw, alwaysly a Draw thats gonna happen even my friend FM he is not gaining a win in 2000 to 2300 rated only a draw sometimes thats best of 10 blitz he lose 6x but he draw 4x the most important to him is gaining a Ratings Up on National to taking for titled application on fide.

    But that's so expensive to a normal players that no money. Because joining in on board tournament is so expensive 😂 so not all chess players afford it to joined, you need to spend hundred dollars for only 1 on board tournament for not intenioning to be a champion only to gained a ratings its like you are flashing your money into the toilet 😂 you became a titled players but you are not improving your skills ask a chess player.

  15. How to improve our skills and become a grand master pls give some advice

  16. Guess it's impossible if I start being a 20 years old. But idc, I'll just enjoy the game

  17. Hey I’m only a 200 Elo in chess and need some help improving please help me

  18. a grand master is highest tittle someyone can get
    champion tittle has left the chat

  19. I identify as a grandmaster with a 500 Elo rating

  20. Only thing I hate about chess is that it’s like 90% based on memory. It kind of takes the fun out of being creative. Only times I think you can be creative is in the middle/end game. I’m not a big fan of memorizing so many openings just know the basic ones and enjoy the game. Too many people get hooked on having a high ELO rating.

  21. i'm flexing with being a grandmaster on league of legends

  22. Am 14 playing chess, could become a grandmaster

  23. love obey and thank god,god loves and watches over you❤

  24. I seen a kid with a rating of 2k and he’s only 10🫥

  25. what does he mean by young? like what age should you start playing chess to be able to reach a GM level in your life?

  26. Wish me luck guys its gonna be a hell of an adventure

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