World Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen breaks down Beth Harmon’s Final Chess Game

Watch as Norwegian Grandmaster and World Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen analyses every move as Beth Harmon takes on Vasily Borgov in the thrilling finale of The Queen’s Gambit.

Done in collaboration with Play Magnus Group / Chess 24.

Subtitles are available in multiple languages.

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  1. So you also made a mistake of clicking a chess related video?
    Get ready because the algorithm now thinks youre so interested of chess

  2. Stockfish is rated 800 points higher than Magnus (it's around 3600 now). Obviously Magnus doesn't undertand chess.

  3. Her queen wasn’t working properly. She returned it for a new one.

  4. I know it's really stupid, but if you pause video at 5:23 it looks like Magnus himself plays against Harmon.

  5. "borgov shouldn't smile" i can't 😂😂 so funny how magnus roasted him

  6. Your excellence I have it in my mind That There is a formula That makes the Queen Gambit intrinsically unbeatable And I've learned That the design of the game corresponds to the nature of A mid evil court at war. Where the bishop is designed to sacrifice more frequently For development. A knight sacrifice is only for a game win And a rook sacrifice is fine even for a pawn if it is end game and you can afford to loose the material.

  7. I guess a grandmaster watches this series very differently.

  8. She looks up because stockfish is on the ceiling

  9. Magnus Carlsen : the vegetarian feminist humorous genius who is also the top 1st gm worldwide. He's a role model for the community he represents

  10. Nic (J Bruce Feynman Niccolo P. Bentulan) says:

    3:31 move 41 stockfish evaluation +0.2

    magnus carlsen: she is winning

    but ok fine

    magnus carlsen: it's not obvious

    seriously this really is not obvious to me. looks like both sides have chances. 1 is pawn up, and other has a pawn 1 square from promoting

  11. “This draw offer is insulting”
    I recently had an opponent who offered me a draw when I was destroying him. That really pissed me off so I didn’t double down but tripled down and ended him in style.

  12. Nic (J Bruce Feynman Niccolo P. Bentulan) says:

    this Magnus guy knows alot about chess, e could be world champion someday. but i don't think e could be good enough to be world chess960 champion.

  13. But, why a player should has emotional feelings? Better be serious and logical than emotional.
    There is no smiles and no ashamed things to feel, there is nothing u have to feel as winner or as louser, cus if u allow yourself to feel, brain doesn't do much progresses but it gonna work just in the way back to worse instead 🙂

  14. 4:48 Well she looks at the ceiling because that's her childhood habit. She used to learn chess while going to sleep looking at the ceiling.

  15. "Yes, (a draw) is not what he wants. But you have to be realistic there. This particular sequence, she handles like a true champion and he handles it like a desperate man."

    It almost sounds like he's describing the world championship between him and Nepo.

  16. I appreciate his sincerity in telling me those pieces weren't on the ceiling haha

  17. Of course he'll say that the chess was well done in the series, his coach Kasparov was the chess consultant for Netflix 🙂

  18. I'll just pretend here that I know about chess😅😅😅😅

  19. me being very patient with his English bcs i luv him <3

  20. I think you've missed the point of the move and why she looks to the ceiling. In this sequence Borgov make a move that wasn't predicted by the team, hence the shock of the crowd. Beth actually believed she could only visualize when using the tranquilizers. When Borgov makes this move she looks to the ceiling and is able to visualize all moves available to find the winning sequence. Of course in real life a world champion wouldn't hand a piece and cheer for the other player, it's theatrics

  21. You don't have to know chess to love The Queens Gambi. It's more than a mini-series, it's a great film. Great cinema photogaphy, great acting (the girl that played young Beth was remarkable). Now, when will Netflix put their films on DVD ?

  22. @8:14 "…exciting as not only a chess player but as a massive chess fan as well" … did you mean "as the world champion for 8 years?"

  23. When it starts to get serious over the board so that harmon analyze it in the ceiling but Magnus breaks the serious dramatic effect when he said harmon was just torturing him at this point. Can't stop laughing xDDD

  24. Is it me or does Magnus’ nose look like a rook

  25. "The pieces are not there on the ceiling they're just in my head"
    I've always wondered about that. – Like wouldn't they just fall down and mess everything up?
    But that makes sense. Not really there, just imaginary.

  26. Would have been nice if they showed the board as well

  27. Magnus: "the pieces are not on the ceiling"
    Hikaru: "the pieces are DEFINITELY on the ceiling"
    True rivals to the end

  28. He surely understands everything about Chess; the noble game I love, too, even though I am not very good at it at all. He deserves all of the success he has gained and will gain in his life. But he seems to miss what the point of the novel and of this scene is. Beth is facing her ancient demons and finally defeating them all, alongside with Borgov. That is the reason why she appreciates her friends' help so much: for it comes when she thinks she has lost everything and e.o. The reason why a match that might seem so easy to others weighs so much on her shoulders: she is struggling to leave her insicurities behind and to finally embrace her talent and value. I know that Carlsen is commenting on the moves and strategies, but the contest the game takes place in plays a fundamental role that should not lead to such an aseptic critic, imo.

  29. Magnus is the GOAT…Don't have to refer him as World Champion or GM….Respect 🙏

  30. I love magnus and this analysis is both very interesting and hilarious

  31. “beth sat at the table and looked at borgov obviously she is winning anybody knows that”
    – magnus 😂

  32. Borgov makes the absolute best move according to Stockfish

    Magnus: And here Borgov responds very poorly and makes a mistake that should never happen!

  33. Beth Harmon clearly cheated with the classic stockfish ceiling, it's amazing that no one caught that.

  34. Great analysis, but I couldn't figure out how someone this brilliant couldn't figure out that showing the piece on the ceiling was a theatrical choice to show the audience to see what was going on her head. Same thing with the Draw – strictly for theatrical tension for an audience, 90% of which probably have a rating of 1200 or less, if they play chess at all.

  35. LOL, didn't realize they actually mocked up a game for real. I thought it was just pretend chess in each game.

  36. Would have been much better if you put the board on the screen, so we could actually see what he's analysing.
    Sure, non-professional chess players wouldn't understand, but still… Now we only see Magnus trashing borgov with no chance to understand why.

  37. “Borgov shouldn’t smile, he should be ashamed.” Apply cold water to that burn.

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