World Chess Championship Game 2 Recap | IT FINALLY HAPPENED!

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  1. I agree with Fabi about the effects of Covid. It affected many people psychologically. Getting back to feeling normal was hard, at the beginning even being in a social situation or a crowded place was weird and uncomfortable. And China had some inhumane lockdowns very recently and only just opened up. I don’t know Ding’s exact personal circumstances, but it can very legitimately still affect him, especially in a high pressure situation like the World Match.

  2. The World Championship needs a MASSIVE overhaul. 14 games, each can be up to 6 hours. One match per day. Not the two best players playing for the championship. It all leads to a horrible event for fans to watch. Which is why they have terrible viewer ratings. No other sport plays 6 hour matches, and 14 of them!! Many sports have just ONE match for around 2 hours to crown a champion! They need to be shorter time controls so kids and others of all ages actually can enjoy watching! Maybe 2 or 3 games a day so people around the world can watch live when they are playing in their time zone. And as for who plays, no more playing an event one year before to see who plays in the championship one year later! Thats RIDICULOUS! Can you imagine if any other sport had a tournament and then the championship was played one year later??? It's completely absurd. One month, get the best 64 platers, and battle till a champion is crowned. Yes, CHESS MARCH MADNESS!!!

  3. Dear Fabiano & Christian, thanks for your great streaming and podcast service. I love Ben Johnson´s podcast also. You are sharing so much joy and wisdom with all of us listeners. Hope to see Fabi in the next World Championship match

  4. Great analysis, as per usual. At the least, Ding is usually pretty good with his back against the wall, better than Nepo would be. I hope Ding can pull himself together well enough to strike back, hopefully this loss will motivate him to get back into it.

  5. Hey fellas. I just have one suggestion, always show from whites perspective. Regardless of who won. Not sure why, but it just seems better

  6. You can spoil it. Anyone that doesn't know the result before the video is living under a rock.

  7. Please dont interrupt when FABI is talking (constant yeah/mhmm etc. in the background). Let him finish and then tell us what you want to say. Too many interruptions disturb the flow of his thoughts and make it harder to follow. Its ok if you talk a lot less during analysis, because he is the super GM not you. Be humble.

  8. Please don’t spoil the game with the thumbnail

  9. The best review of the game I've watched. Cristian, great job getting Fabi to explain the plans, lines and concepts for all of us… even if those can be obvious for you too. Fabi I always like your analysis, but this was one was really good. Your capacity to explain in ways that most chess players without a title can understand the game is amazing… Keep up the great job guys!

  10. Very sorry for Ding. COVID was a difficult time.

  11. Which player is playing white/black? thanks

  12. Modern chess is so fixated on specific theory(basically what the engines say), that every small deviation like this h3 shocks grandmasters, even if there's no concrete reason to dislike it.
    It's not the reason Ding lost and yet that's all people talk about, and in a negative way, simply because it's unorthodox.
    In the past people would just say it's creative and give it a thorough examination(without engines) to see if there's a clear refutation.

    Of course, I'm not referring to Fabi, his analysis is legendary.

  13. Ding shouldn't have opened up? Showed weakness? What a regressive take. Disappointed.

  14. Would you say that the game 6 loss in the last WCC was a psychological blow for Ian? Or was it more the second loss? It will be interesting to see if Ding can be resilient after this loss.

  15. I enjoyed this in depth recap of the games as you guys go into what the analysis of positions are. Thank you Fabiano and Cristian!

  16. Thanks for keeping it Spoiler-free. Y'all are the best <333

  17. Isn't displaying black at the bottom of the screen already a spoiler ?

  18. I sincerely hope that this match will not be decided by nerves or mental struggles as – in my view – was the last WC match. I am sure Ding has the resourcefulness and experience to bounce back and make the best of the situation. I wish all the best to Ding and look forward to a match between two players at the peak of their career.

    That said I am wondering if this is symptomatic of the world we live in: we expect big successes all the time and even at the very top players have become more and more interchangeable. If one player has a bit of a slump, there are ten young players smelling blood. There is more media than ever, more competition than ever, more tournaments than ever, more distractions than ever – and very little certainty about even the near future. Maybe we all are a bit too hard on others and ourselves and have to get back out of overdrive. In that regard I value Ding's openness about his current mental state, even if it is probably not the best mental game towards Nepo in terms of success.

  19. Hello chess friends~~~ I am just wondering, why is the analysis from the black perspective? I’m not complaining or anything, just curious

  20. Fabi being a g with the pink mug brass knuckles. Lol

  21. I was very impressed with the solid analysis given with Fabi and Chirilla for this game. Nepo's steady and stable performance had to be a shocker for Ding who had planned a surprise opening. And it only got worse as the game went on. Nepo will handle the memory of his win much more calmly than Liren ever will the loss. Unsettling and groundshaking, I can only hope Ding can overcome the setback.

  22. I really want Ding to win,but Ian is so strong

  23. Amazing recaps! Keep it up. Hopefully next WCC you'll both be too busy to do recaps 😉

  24. Outstanding commentary from you guys. With all due respect Fabi is on a league on its own when it comes to analysing games

  25. the H3 makes the competion interesting, looking forward for the next game. Thank you guys for the analysis, really cool stuff!

  26. Sublime breakdown of the match! You guys are awesome!

  27. I don't understand why Fabi is not playing instead Ding, he is much stronger ❗

  28. Spend 10 minutes defending h3. It sucked and cost him time and space.

  29. Fabi proves elite talent can also be an elite teacher.

  30. It's embarrassing how badly ding is playing…

  31. I can’t believe there is a board analysis. This is great!

  32. Fabi won late TT today. I wish he would stream more often

  33. Nic (J Bruce Feynman Niccolo P. Bentulan) says:

    2nd comment: Wesley So for future podcast? See


  34. I know white lost, but we should use white pespective

  35. Please reverse the board n keep white pieces towards lower side of the board. Its easy to follow

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