World First Chess Recorder Post game Analysis Demo

Introducing Clio, the extraordinary portable chess recorder that elevates your game to the digital realm while preserving the timeless essence of chess mastery. Immerse yourself in the captivating world of strategic moves and exhilarating battles, all effortlessly captured and transformed into a captivating digital analysis.

With Clio by your side, every move becomes a symphony of intellect and skill. As you engage in thrilling chess encounters, this ingenious device seamlessly records each strategic maneuver, preserving the essence of your gameplay. Witness the magic unfold as Clio transforms your every move into a captivating digital analysis, unveiling hidden depths and insightful possibilities.

Discover a new dimension of chess exploration with Clio’s cutting-edge technology. No longer bound by the confines of traditional game recording, embrace the freedom of mobility and flexibility that Clio offers. Whether you’re honing your skills at a local café or competing in a prestigious tournament, Clio is your trusted companion, ensuring every moment of brilliance is meticulously captured and effortlessly translated into a digital masterpiece.

To learn more about this game-changing innovation, visit our website at . Explore the realm of Clio, where the art of chess and the power of technology converge. Don’t forget to leave your mark below—like, comment, and join the conversation as we embark on this mesmerizing chess journey together.


  1. Any idea when this is coming out? In another comment, you mentioned Q1 of this year as a possibility. We are now nearly done with Q2. As a founder of a tech firm myself (nothing chess related), I know these things take longer than expected. But I am intensely interested in buying this.

  2. Are there any plans to allow players to connect via the web? This would allow people to use any board in their collection for online play.

  3. That's impressive! Cannot wait to buy it 🙂

  4. Fantastic! May you provide an email. I'm writing a detector program recently and i hope you could give some advise😔

  5. Interesting thing, electronic boards won't be necessary anymore?

  6. Do you have to use it with a clock? What if you simply want to record the moves in a game played without a clock?

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