Xiangqi Chinese Chess Analysis – Breaking slowly into the position

In this Chinese Chess – Xiangqi – game we see red quickly pushing his advantage for a win

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  1. At 4.29, the threat of mate in one….surely the advisor takes the chariot and if chariot recaptures advisor then general takes chariot….what am I missing for the mate in one?

  2. Hi! I absolutely love your website! Chessboard design and feel are perfect. But there are few things that keep bugging me: 1)check animation makes king to disappear …. It’s pretty confusing and not convenient to play. 2) animation for moved peace: previous location marker and moved peace marker are not obvious. Besides that all is great. Looking forward to keep playing on your site!

  3. Which websites do you recommend for Xiangqi (puzzles, learning, playing)?

  4. Also at 4:26 shouldn't it be mate in 2 not 1? Because the advisor can take the chariot

  5. This is great. Thanks for the good videos on this great game. I hope there are more to come in the future.

  6. Finally english commentaries! Thank you so much!

  7. I can't find anywhere that will explain what those spaces are with the arrows pointing at them. There seem to be 10 in total. Do they have some special properties?

  8. It just doesn't look natural when you are using international chess pieces to play Chinese chess

  9. some wrong analysis everyone but not major. so be careful if you can catch tho then you have good understanding of xiangqi

  10. Nicely presented but really low volume. Please increase the volume for future recordings 🙂

  11. 5:11 I think there is another move, Elephant takes, but that runs into mate in one with the horse.

  12. Great video, but the audio level was waaay too low.

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