Xiangqi Chinese Chess Analysis – Material Imbalances

In this Chinese Chess – Xiangqi – game we see two Grand Masters Lü Qin and Liu DaHua deal with material imbalances

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  1. amazing videos helping me get better should continue makeing videos! amazing english commentary aswell (its really hard to understand chinese commentary so thanks!!)

  2. Yesterday I started to study Xiangqi more seriously, then today you release something for me to study! Thanks for the perfect timing

  3. I am impressed by the quality of your English commentary and your understanding of Xiangqi 🙂

  4. your videos are cool but extremely quiet

  5. Great videos.

    The volume is a bit low though. I have to use my earphones at maximum volume to be able to listen to them.

    Keep up the good work!

  6. Could you pleas do something about the volume? I can hardly hear you even on headphones

  7. Easily the best English Xiangqi game analysis I've found! Thanks XiChess

  8. I just can't thanks enough for this brilliant analysis. Is your website open-source? It seems like you're using it to read the PGN but I can't see that feature, is that available? Can it run locally and be used to play between two engines? Does the engine connected via UCCI?

  9. 3:45 i think if red goes with capturing the black horse:

    black horse 6+7
    red rook 8=2

    guaranteed to take a horse back, with cannon able to attack red's left bottom, and leaves red horse in a bad position (single piece went too deep with no assistance).

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