Xiangqi Chinese Chess Analysis – Seeing isn’t an advantage

In this Chinese Chess – Xiangqi – game we see a blindfolded Grandmaster showing his skill when playing a simul

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  1. I play chess; I only discovered Xianqi a few weeks ago. Regardless, the joy of seeing a good combination on board is universal, I guess.

  2. Thanks for making this channel! I've been trying to get my friends to play Xiangqi, I only got one (he's from China) so I haven't been able to learn as much as I wanted to. But watching your videos is a big help!

  3. Thank you! And I strongly recommend you can introduce Jieqi (揭棋, Cờ úp). It is an excellent variant of Chinese chess, like chess 960 (but funnier). It is an uncovering game. Some people also call it dark chess. It is very popular in Vietnam and South China. Jieqi increases the game complexity and is very revolutionary to the Xiangqi.

  4. Your website is amazing and engine's search is pretty impressive. Is it running in the browser or on the back-end?
    Did you code it on your own? It's so amazing!

  5. Forcing the opponent's king to get stuck is a nice way to checkmate in Chinese chess, and this cannon checkmate is excellent although it is rare (unless you are playing some endgame puzzles). Yeah indeed playing with endgame puzzles is a nice way to learn different methods of checkmating.

  6. these channels are great, I hope you can keep em coming
    just increase volume a bit, please!

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