You Can Highlight Different Colored Arrows on Analysis Board Tutorial!

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You Can Highlight Different Colored Arrows on Analysis Board Tutorial!

On, we are all aware that we can have orange arrows. However, there is a new way to have arrows that are blue, green, and red! Agadmator, the famous chess youtuber, used it the other day, and I spent a couple hours to figure out how it works. I thought I’d post this fun and easy tutorial on how to use the analysis board! Whether you are a member, use stockfish, komodo, or fritz, this is a fun feature for all chess players. If you’re a chess beginner, or even a chess grandmaster, we hope you enjoy learning to change the colors on the chess board!

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  1. what would be even more useful is to know how people use all the colors to analyze their games.. I ghet that yellow is move, red is threats, green maybe is alternative plans or ideas.. but what about blue?

  2. This is really great! The orange arrows were confusing. Thanks so much.

  3. Simple but incredibly useful!! Very thankful

  4. like it! "Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much." – Helen Keller, I subs

  5. Hey um i wanted to know how you get like that Green arrow with the circle similar to the 4 Player chess

  6. i can't even make a arrow please help me out with this one.

  7. Bro only streaming members of get this option or everyone can do it.
    BTW good vid it was useful👍👏♥️.

  8. It took you a couple hours to figure this out? I figured it out in 1 minute. Thanks Google.

  9. Can you tell me if there is a way to do this on Android browser

  10. I can only get orange arrows even when trying these suggestions. Anyone know what I’m doing wrong?

  11. cool, I can't have yellow's one but it's already really better

  12. This was really helpful! Thanks a lot sir!

  13. hi can you please give me your lichess id

  14. I just found out about this. Thank you and keep up the good work 👍

  15. Does this work if I hooked a mouse on my phone using OTG?

  16. Whenever I do green on windows the standard menu that pops up when I right-click shows up and blocks part of the board. Do you know why that is happening? Thanks!

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